Category: Q

  • Q wave

    The electrocardiographic wave linked to the ventricular heart contraction.  

  • Quintessence

    The most concentrated extract that can be produced from any substance.  

  • Quinine fever

    A condition characterized by fever and skin rashes, experienced by individuals exposed to quinine during its production.  

  • Queensland fever

    An acute infection caused by the bacterium Coxiella burnettii, marked by pneumonia, high fever, nausea, and vomiting. It typically lasts for a short period, and recovery is almost always expected. This condition is also known as Q fever.  

  • Quadroon

    A child born to one white parent and one mulatto parent.  

  • Quick pulse

    A pulse that quickly taps the finger and then swiftly retreats.  

  • Quadrigeminal pulse

    A pulse with a pause occurring after every fourth beat.  

  • Quinolone drug

    A collection of antibiotic medications utilized in the management of bacterial infections, quinolones are synthesized from chemicals rather than derived from living organisms. Their application extends to various conditions, encompassing prostatitis (prostate inflammation), urinary tract infections, acute instances of diarrheal diseases (including those triggered by salmonella infections), and enteric fever. Furthermore, ciprofloxacin might be employed…

  • Quantum vacuum

    A hypothesis formulated by physicists, this theory delineates the interplay of various energies that amalgamate to shape the fabric of existence.  

  • Quetelet index

    The body mass index, initially coined after a Belgian statistician who formulated it during the period spanning from 1830 to 1850, had an original designation.