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  • Registry of toxic effects of chemical substance (RTECS)

    An information system that lists both acute and chronic effects of over 100,000 chemicals. It also includes data on skin/eye irritation, carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, and reproductive consequences.  

  • Registered nurse midwife

    A registered nurse who has completed postgraduate education in prenatal care and childbirthing and who is licensed or certified to practice midwifery.  

  • Registered nurse (RN)

    A person who has completed the required nursing program in an accredited college and who has passed state board examinations in nursing. A nurse who has graduated from a formal program of nursing education and been licensed by appropriate State authority. Registered nurses are the most highly educated of nurses with the widest scope of…

  • Regimen sanitatis

    A book by Roger of Salerno in the twelfth century. This book was essentially the first publication outlining the “rules for healthful living.”  

  • Regenerative process

    Any process that tends to restore the natural function of an organ or tissue.  

  • Refreezing

    A process of internalizing a new behavior by a person is the third phase of Lewin’s process of analysis of change or learning. Unless new attitudes are frozen, individuals, organizations, or communities may easily return to earlier, more familiar forms of behavior.  

  • Refractory phase

    In physiology, a period following stimulation in which a neuron is less than normally responsive to stimulation.  

  • Refractory period

    In sexology, a temporary state of psychophysiologic resistance to sexual stimulation immediately following orgasm. A short space of time after the ventricles of the heart have contracted, when they cannot contract again. In neurology, period of recover needed by a neuron after excitation or by a muscle after contraction (depolarization), during which repolarization of the…

  • Refractory errors

    An incorrect pattern of light ray transmission through the structures of the eye myopia; hyperopia; astigmatism.  

  • Refractive problems

    Visual problems that occur when the refractive structures of the eye fail to perform properly so that light rays do not focus on the retina.