Category: S

  • Serried

    Close together in rows or ranks.  

  • Serrate


    Toothed like a saw, with regular acute and angled teeth pointing towards the apex. Toothed along the margin with sharp, forward pointing teeth. Toothed so as to resemble a saw; with regular, asymmetric teeth pointing forward. Lined with small notches, like a saw blade. With coarse saw-like teeth that point forward. Saw-toothed, with sharp tips…

  • Serotiny


    Seeds staying within a cone or fruit until the passing of a fire releases them. A type of dehiscence in which a cone or fruit only releases the seeds after fire.  

  • Serotinous

    Retaining seeds within a cone or fruit until the passing of a fire releases them.  

  • Series

    Subdivision below the rank of genus and above the rank of species. A group of plants raised from seed and thus not genetically identical but sufficiently alike to be treated as a garden variety, for example most cultivars of annuals and vegetables. A group of plants developed by a plant breeder and raised from seed…

  • Sericeous

    Silky, with closely appressed soft straight hairs and with a shiny silky sheen. Silky; the hairs long, fine, and appressed.  

  • Serial bud arrangement

    With the buds arranged vertically one above the other in the axil of a leaf.  

  • Seral

    A temporary or developing vegetation type forming a stage in succession.  

  • Sequencing genes

    Analysis of strands of DNA so that the genes and their positions are identified.  

  • Septum (plural septa)

    Partition of fruit or ovary.