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  • Spatula

    A flat‐bladed instrument used for mixing or spreading materials. The word spatula was adopted directly from Latin in the early sixteenth century as a name for a medical instrument used to stir ointments and potions. This medical sense remained the primary meaning of spatula until the twentieth century, when the utensil gradually came to be…

  • Spasm

    A sudden, involuntary, generally painful contraction of a muscle, or groups of muscle fibers. Sudden, violent involuntary muscular contraction. Involuntary contraction of a muscle or a muscle fiber. An intense, involuntary, usually painful contraction of a muscle or group of muscles. A sudden, usually painful, involuntary contraction of a muscle, as in cramp. An involuntary…

  • Spacemaking

    Property of surgical site capable of maintaining a space under a membrane for the purpose of guided bone regeneration (GBR). This may be provided by (a) defect morphology in either three‐wall or two‐wall defects; (b) use of bone grafts or substitutes to support the membrane; (c) membrane itself, which is rigid and stable enough to…

  • Sounding

    Serial measurement of the thickness of intraoral soft tissue in order to map the topography of the underlying bone.  

  • Sonics

    An instrument vibrating in the sonic range (approximately 6000 cps) that, accompanied by a stream of water, can be used to remove adherent deposits from teeth.    

  • Sonicate (sonicated, sonicating, sonication)

    Application of sound energy to agitate particles in a solution. Often used to create air bubbles through cavitation in order to disrupt microorganisms.  

  • Somatoprosthetics

    The science of artificial replacement of missing or deformed parts of the body with medical‐grade silicone, glass, and/or acrylic. Often these prostheses are anchored to the body through the use of osseointegrated implants with clips, snaps, or magnets.  

  • Somatoprosthesis


    Artificial body part.  

  • Solid screw

    A root‐form threaded dental implant of a circular cross‐section without any vents or holes penetrating the implant body.  

  • Solid freeform fabrication (SFF) (syn)

    Additive fabrication, layered manufacturing. A collection of techniques for manufacturing solid objects by the sequential delivery of energy and/or material to specified points in space to produce that solid.