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  • Septifragal

    (Of fruit) dehiscent along the septa (the junction of the carpels) with the valves falling off and a persistent central axis/columella remaining. Splitting along the junction line of a carpel, the valves falling off.  

  • Septicidal

    When a ripe capsule splits along the lines of junction of the carpels, i.e. along the septa, the fruit valves remaining attached and not falling off. Said of a pod that splits through its partitions. Splitting along the junction line of a carpel, the valves remaining attached.  

  • Septenate

    Growing together in sevens (e.g. seven leaflets from one point).  

  • Septate

    Divided by one or more partitions. (Of hyphae) Having cross walls. Pertaining to a hymen. Divided by a septum.  

  • Sepia

    (Colour) dark brown.  

  • Sepaloid

    Resembling a sepal. Having the appearance of a sepal.  

  • Sepal


    A single part of the outermost whorl of floral organs, the calyx; usually green, protecting the corolla in bud. One of the outermost set of floval leaves. One of the parts comprising the calyx of a flower. A leaf or segment of the calyx. One of the flower parts of the outer orders, the sepal…

  • Sensu stricto

    In a narrow sense.  

  • Sensu lato

    In a broad sense, usually in the application of a name to an aggregate species in which some authors might recognise several more narrowly delimited species. From the Latin sensu lato, meaning ‘in the broad sense’.  

  • Sensu auct., sensu auctt

    As used by the cited author, but specifically excluding the original meaning.