Category: S

  • Sensitive

    (Of leaves or flowers) reacting to touch with movement (e.g. as the rachis and leaflets of Mimosa pudica). Reacting to touch by moving, as in Biophytum sensitivum (Oxalidaceae), Dionaea muscipula (Droseraceae) and Mimosa pudica (Fabaceae). Able to detect and respond to an outside stimulus. Haying an unexpected reaction to an allergen or to a drug,…

  • Senile

    Past maturity, aged and about to die. Refers to growing old with decreased physical and mental capacity. Referring to the last stages of the natural life span or to the medical conditions associated with it. Referring to someone whose mental faculties have become weak because of age. To or characteristic of old age or aging,…

  • Senescent

    Aging, growing old, not able to reproduce any more. Final stage of plant development. Approaching the last stages of the natural life span.  

  • Semperflorous

    With flowers appearing throughout the year.  

  • Seminal

    Usually related to the seed.  

  • Semilunar

    Crescent-shaped. Half-moon shaped. Shaped like a crescent or half-moon.  

  • Semicraspedodromous

    Venation in which the secondary veins coming from the midrib branch just inside the margin, one of the branches ending at the margin, the second joining the next secondary vein.  

  • Semi-circular


  • Semicarpous

    With ovaries partly fused but styles and stigmas separate.  

  • Semi-amplexicaul


    (Of a leaf base) when the auricles extend to the other side of the stem but without meeting.