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  • Thirsty

    Wanting to drink.  

  • Thirst

    A feeling of wanting to drink. The desire or need for water or other fluids. In healthy people, thirst indicates the body’s need for fluid. A person who becomes dehydrated from exercise or illness may experience excessive thirst. The sensation of thirst is generally felt at the back of the throat, because, when there is…

  • Third molar

    One of the four molars at the back of the jaw, which only appears at about the age of 20 and sometimes does not appear at all.  

  • Third-degree haemorrhoids

    Haemorrhoids which protrude into the anus permanently.  

  • Third-degree burn

    A burn in which the skin and the tissues beneath it are severely damaged. Destruction of the full thickness of the skin and underlying structures due to chemical or thermal exposure. A burn that penetrates all layers of skin as well as the tissue beneath the skin and appears pearly white, tan colored, or charred.…

  • Thiopental sodium

    A barbiturate drug used as a rapid-acting intravenous general anaesthetic.  

  • Thin

    Not fat. Not thick. Referring to blood which is watery.  

  • Thighbone

    The femur, the bone in the top part of the leg, which joins the acetabulum at the hip and the tibia at the knee.  

  • Thermotherapy

    Treatment using heat, e.g. from hot water or infrared lamps, to treat conditions such as arthritis and bad circulation. Use of heat, as with heating pads, hot compresses, and hot water bottles, to treat a disease or disorder (e.g., to promote circulation in peripheral vascular disease or to relax tense muscles). The therapeutic application of…

  • Thermoreceptor

    A sensory nerve which registers heat. Sensory sites that are stimulated by the rise in temperature. A sensory nerve ending that responds to heat or to cold. Such receptors are scattered widely in the skin and in the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat. The end of a sensory nerve that reacts to changes…