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  • Thoracoscope

    A surgical instrument, like a tube with a light at the end, used to examine the inside of the chest. An endoscope used to inspect the lungs, pleura, and other chest structures. It is inserted into the pleural space via an incision made through the chest wall.  

  • Thoracoplasty

    A surgical operation to cut through the ribs to allow the lungs to collapse, formerly a treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis. Surgical removal of portions of the ribs to collapse diseased portions of the lung in efforts to treat pulmonary tuberculosis and empyema. The surgical repair of abnormalities or defects of the thorax. The operation of…

  • Thoracolumbar

    Referring to the thoracic and lumbar areas of the body. To the thoracic and lumbar parts of the spinal cord; denoting their ganglia and the fibers of the sympathetic nervous system.  

  • Thoracocentesis

    An operation in which a hollow needle is inserted into the pleura to drain fluid. Removal of fluid from the chest cavity using a surgical puncture, usually a large-bore needle.  

  • Thoracic vertebrae

    The twelve vertebrae in the spine behind the chest, to which the ribs are attached. The 12 discs of the spinal column that connect the ribs, forming the posterior wall of the thorax. The 12 bones of the backbone to which the ribs are attached. They lie between the cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back)…

  • Thoracic outlet

    A large opening at the bottom of the thorax.  

  • Thoracic inlet

    A small opening at the-top of the thorax.  

  • Thoracic duct

    One of the main terminal ducts carrying lymph, on the left side of the neck. One of the two major trunks of the lymphatic system; it drains lymph from the abdomen and lower limbs and from the left side of the thorax and head and empties it into the junction of the left subclavian and…

  • Thoracic aorta

    Part of the aorta which crosses the thorax. Large upper part of the descending aorta supplying the heart, chest muscles, ribs, and stomach.  

  • Thoracectomy

    A surgical operation to remove one or more ribs. An operation in which the chest cavity is opened (thoracotomy) and a rib or part of a rib is removed. Incision of the chest wall with resection of a portion of rib.