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  • Unviable

    Referring to a fetus that cannot live if born.  

  • Unsteady

    Likely to fall down when walking.  

  • Unstable

    Referring to something which may change easily.  

  • Unqualified

    Referring to someone who has no qualifications or no licence to practise.  

  • Unprofessional conduct

    Action by a professional person such as a doctor or nurse which is considered wrong by the body which regulates the profession.  

  • Unmedicated dressing

    A sterile dressing with no antiseptic or other medication on it.  

  • Universal recipient

    A person with blood group AB who can receive blood from all the other blood groups. A person belonging to blood type AB, Rh positive, whose serum will not agglutinate the cells of the other ABO blood types. The recipient’s blood must be tested by cross-matching before transfusion to exclude minor antigenic mismatches.  

  • Universal donor

    A person with blood group O, whose blood may be given to anyone. A person whose blood is of the type 0 and Rh negative, which can be used for blood transfusions in most other people. Person with type O, Rh-negative blood; this blood can be used with minimal risk for transfusion to people with…

  • Unit

    A single part of a larger whole. A part of a hospital that has a specialised function. A named and agreed standard amount used for measuring something. A quantity of a drug, enzyme, hormone or of blood, taken as a standard for measurement and producing a given effect. A machine or device. The term applied…

  • Unipolar neurone

    A neurone with a single process.