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  • Unipolar lead

    An electric lead to a single electrode. In electrocardiography, any lead that consists of one electrode placed on the chest wall overlying the heart, where potential changes are of considerable magnitude, and the other (distant or indifferent electrode) placed in a site where potential changes are of small magnitude.  

  • Unipolar

    Referring to a neurone with a single process.  

  • Uniovular

    Consisting of, or coming from, one ovum. Monozygotic, as in the case of twins that develop from a single ovum.  

  • Union

    The joining together of two parts of a fractured bone. Healing process; the growing together of toe edges of a wound or broken bone. Defined quantity; division of quantity accepted as a standard; single undivided whole. The successful result of healing of a fracture, in which the previously separated bone ends have become firmly united…

  • Unhygienic

    Not clean or good for health.  

  • Unhealthy

    Not in good physical condition. Not helping someone to be healthy.  

  • Unguentum

    An ointment.  

  • Ungual

    Referring to the fingernails or toenails. Related to a fingernail or toenail.  

  • Unfit

    Not physically healthy.  

  • Undress

    To remove clothes.