Religious experience espoused by Hindu groups in the shakti tradition. In Hatha Yoga, kundalini energy, also called shakti, is a form of “cosmic energy” that collects at the base of the spine. This kundalini energy is generally visualized as coiled, a potential energy that can be released and used. When it is released, it creates pleasure or bliss throughout the body. Some yogic practitioners and gurus use the release of kundalini as a way to relieve stress. Others use it during meditation as a way to further their spiritual growth. Still others recommend using it during sex to heighten the physical and spiritual intimacy between partners.

Western yogic practitioners say that kundalini energy is a real product of the body, not a visualization of the mind. Alexander Lowen, founder of bioenergetics, declared that a human body is in a constant state of vibration, linked to the rhythmic contractions of all the cells within the body. When such vibrations are in harmony or are very intense, they can spark powerful emotions. Wilhelm Reich, a researcher into theories of bodily energies, stated that muscle tension, when relaxed, can result in an increase in pleasurable sensations that he called “streaming.” Margo Anand, in her popular book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy declares that the release of kundalini energy stimulates an “Ecstatic Response. It is an intense sensation of joy, a feeling of being cleansed and relaxed.”