The surgical procedure for reshaping the breasts.

Plastic surgery to alter the shape or size of the breasts.

Plastic surgery of the breasts, in order to alter their shape or increase or decrease their size. In the case of sagging breasts skin and glandular tissue are removed and the remaining breast tissue is fixed in the normal position. When the breasts are too small, a prosthesis may be inserted to improve the contour.

A surgical operation to reconstruct a breast after part or all of it has been removed to treat breast cancer; to enlarge small breasts; or to reduce the size of overlarge breasts. The routine method for breast enlargement used to be the insertion of silicone implants under the skin, but implants are prone to such complications as contraction of the outer capsule and leaking of the contained gel. It is therefore important that any woman contemplating this form of surgery be given full information about the benefits and risks and is given the opportunity to discuss this with the operating surgeon. Advice is available from the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Surgical procedures undertaken to decrease the size of overly large breasts, enhance small breasts, or reconstruct a breast post breast cancer surgery. While often conducted for cosmetic purposes, mammoplasty can also alleviate physical discomfort by reducing back pain, particularly in cases of excessively large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery entails the removal of surplus tissue and skin, followed by lifting and reshaping the tissue to correct sagging. Breast enlargement, also known as augmentation, includes the placement of a pliable, fluid-filled breast implant behind either the breast tissue or the chest wall muscles. For women undergoing mastectomy due to cancer, breast reconstruction can occur simultaneously or as an independent procedure. This reconstruction process involves restoring the natural shape of the breast by inserting an implant.

Breast reduction presents minimal risks, while breast enlargement can lead to potential complications. These issues encompass implant leakage, stiffening of the nearby breast tissue, and the formation of scars. Additional surgery might become necessary in such cases.