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  • Subperiosteal dental implant substructure

    The component of a subperiosteal implant located beneath the periosteum that provides support for a dental prosthesis via abutments that protrude through the oral mucosa. Also known as the implant body.  

  • Subperiosteal dental implant abutment

    That portion of the implant that protrudes through the mucosa into the oral cavity for the retention or support of a crown or a fixed removable denture.  

  • Subperiosteal dental implant

    A type of dental implant placed beneath the periosteum that rests on the surface of the bone with abutments that protrude through the oral mucosa and are used to support a dental prosthesis.  

  • Subocclusal surface

    An obsolete term for a segment of a tooth’s occlusal surface that is beneath the level of the occluding portion of the tooth.  

  • Subocclusal connector

    A nonrigid interproximal connector placed apical to and not in alignment with the occlusal plane.  

  • Subnasal elevation

    Rarely performed surgical technique to enhance anterior bone height in the anterior maxilla. Surgically, it can be compared with a sinus floor elevation; instead of elevating the maxillary sinus membrane, the nasal mucosa is elevated.  

  • Submergible implant

    Implant that is submerged beneath the oral mucosa at time of surgical placement.  

  • Submerged implant

    A dental implant covered by soft tissue, and isolated from the oral cavity.  

  • Submerged healing

    Implant placement with complete primary soft tissue closure, requiring a second surgical procedure to expose the implant and initiate prosthetic restoration following healing.  

  • Subluxation

    In reference to the temporomandibular joint, an incomplete dislocation or misalignment of the condyle in its fossa. Dislocation or disarticulation of a joint. A purported malalignment of the vertebral column or other joint. Partial or incomplete dislocation of a joint. A condition in which a joint is partially dislocated. Incomplete dislocation where the articular surfaces…

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