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  • Sublingual fossa

    A shallow concavity on the lingual surface of the mandible above the mylohyoid line that accommodates the sublingual gland. A shallow depression on the inner surface of the body of the mandible above the anterior part of the mylohyoid ridge. It is occupied by the major salivary gland in the area, the sublingual gland.  

  • Sublingual artery

    A branch of the lingual artery, with distribution to the extrinsic muscles of the tongue, the sublingual gland, and the mucosa of the region, and with anastomoses to the artery of the opposite side and the submental artery. The sublingual artery arises at the anterior margin of the hyoglossus and runs forward between the genioglossus…

  • Sublingual

    Below or beneath the tongue. Under the tongue. Pertaining to the oral mucosal surface immediately under the tongue; often used as a delivery modality for medications in which the medication is allowed to dissolve under the tongue. The phrase signifies “beneath the tongue.” Medications ingested sublingually, whether in tablet form or as a spray, are…

  • Subgingival margin

    The restoration margin or tooth preparation finish line that is located apical to the free gingival margin.  

  • Subgingival calculus

    Calculus formed apical to the gingival margin; often brown or black, hard, and tenacious. Also known as seruminal calculus.  

  • Subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG)

    Surgical transplantation of harvested autogenous connective tissue to a recipient area for the purpose of epithelial keratinization, to gain root coverage, to improve esthetics, and/or correct ridge deficiencies.  

  • Subcondylar fracture

    A fracture located below the condylar head and within the limits of the condylar neck.  

  • Subacute

    Denotes a phase of disease between the acute and chronic stages. Somewhat acute; between acute and chronic. Having characteristics of both acute and chronic. This is the state in a disease when most of the aches and pains have subsided and you are likely to overdo things and not completely recover. The chest cold that…

  • Subantral augmentation

    Augmentation of the antral floor with autologous bone or bone substitutes to provide a host site for dental implants. Called also sinus lift, anthroplasty.  

  • Stylus tracing

    A planar tracing showing the marginal movement of the mandible as it is scribed on a plate attached to an arch by means of a stylus device attached to the opposing arch. The shape produced depends on the location of the marking point relative to the tracing table during marginal mandibular movement.  

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