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  • Structured‐light 3D scanner

    Scanning device for measuring the three‐dimensional shape of an object using projected light patterns and a camera system.  

  • Stroma

    The connective tissue that forms the framework of an organ, gland, or structure. (of ascomycetes) A compact mass of tissue, often black or highly colored, that has fruit bodies, typically perithecia, embedded in or on it. Tissue which supports an organ, as opposed to the parenchyma or functioning tissues in the organ. Stromata, supporting tissue…

  • Stripping

    Removal of the surface of an object; the act of creating a stripped thread. A surgical operation to remove varicose veins.  

  • Stripped thread

    Screw (or internal screw channel) that has lost its thread architecture because the screw was inserted and tightened incorrectly or because the screw was pulled from its channel without unscrewing..  

  • Stress shielding

    Situation, particularly in orthopedic joint replacement, in which an implant is stiffer than the bone in which it is placed. Under loading, the implant bears the load and the surrounding bone undergoes disuse atrophy. The shaft of the implant shields the bone from functional loading.  

  • Stress distribution

    The pattern of distribution of stress seen when a load is applied to an object or series of objects. For example, the stress distribution in bone associated with an implant‐supported restoration depends on the number and location of implants, the design of the prosthetic superstructure, and the anatomy of the surrounding bone.  

  • Stress director

    Any device, appliance, or system that redirects the occlusal forces of the stomatognathic system.  

  • Stress concentration

    A location in a subject or a system where there is a remarkably higher stress compared with other areas or points in response to a particular load.  

  • Stress bending

    Load applied to a structure that tends to deform. For an implant, bending stress deforms the long axis of the implant body.  

  • Stress‐bearing region

    Areas of the maxillary or mandibular jaws that are capable of supporting a denture prosthesis. This represents the residual ridge, buccal shelf area, and retromolar pad for the mandibular arch and the residual ridge and the palate for the maxillary arch.  

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