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  • Clavulanic acid

    A beta‐lactamase inhibitor sometimes combined with penicillin group antibiotics to overcome certain types of antibiotic resistance. Co-amoxiclav, an antibiotic medication, is formed by combining the penicillin drug amoxicillin with another substance.  

  • Clasp

    The component of the clasp assembly that engages a portion of the tooth surface and either enters an undercut for retention or remains entirely above the height of contour to act as a reciprocating element. Generally, it is used to stabilize and retain a removable dental prosthesis. A device for holding objects or tissues together.…

  • Clarithromycin

    A semi‐synthetic macrolide antibiotic used in the treatment of orofacial infections caused by gram‐positive cocci and susceptible anaerobes. Its mechanism of action involves the prevention of bacteria from growing by interfering with protein synthesis. Alternative drug used for antibiotic prophylaxis. Antibiotic related to both penicillin and to erythromycin; indicated in the treatment of mild to…

  • Clamping force

    The result of the elastic deformation of a screw after application of torque drawing two components together.  

  • Citric acid

    A tricarboxylic acid that is useful as a near‐saturated solution (pH = 1.4) to detoxify (cleanse) root surfaces that are contaminated and expose intrinsic collagen fibers in the hope of achieving new tissue attachment. A tricarboxylic acid occurring in plants, especially citrus fruits. It is used as a flavoring agent, as an antioxidant in foods,…

  • Circumferential clasp

    A retainer that encircles a tooth by more than 180°, including opposite angles, and which generally contacts the tooth throughout the extent of the clasp, with at least one terminal located in an undercut area.  

  • Blood circulation

    General term for blood supply and flow through blood vessels, organs, and tissues. Movement of blood around the body from the heart through the arteries to the capillaries and back to the heart through the veins.    

  • Cingulum

    An anatomical band or encircling ridge. The lingual lobe of many anterior teeth; a convex protuberance at the lingual cervical one third of the anatomic crown. A long curved bundle of nerve fibres in the cerebrum. Cingula, encircling structure or part (e.g., the beltlike band at the base of a tooth). A curved bundle of…

  • Cicatrix

    Observed fibrous connective tissue that results from wound healing. The scar left by the fall of some portion of a growth. A scar of heavy formation of fibrous tissue. Mark left after the healing of a wound; tissue lacks color and usually appears contracted. Scar tissue that is less elastic, often appears contracted, and lacks…

  • CHS (abbrev)

    Crown height space.