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  • Tenacious

    Sticking or clinging to something else, especially a surface.  

  • Temporomandibular syndrome

    A painful condition affecting the temporomandibular joint and the muscles used for chewing, usually associated with a faulty meeting of the teeth in biting and sometimes causing clicking sounds.  

  • Temporomandibular

    Relating to the temporal bone and the mandible. To the temporal and mandible bones; esp. important in dentistry because of the articulation of the bones of the temporomandibular joint. The encapsulated, bicondylar, synovial joints between the condyles of the mandible and the temporal bones of the skull. Related to the temporal bone and the jawbone.…

  • Temporary

    Not permanent.  

  • Temporalis

    A flat muscle running down the side of the head from the temporal bone to the coronoid process, which makes the jaw move up. A fan-shaped muscle situated at the side of the head, extending from the temporal fossa to the mandible. This muscle lifts the lower jaw, thus closing the mouth. The muscle in…

  • Temporal fossa

    A depression in the side of the head, in the temporal bone above the zygomatic arch. The depression on the side of the skull below the temporal lines. It is deep to the zygomatic arch and continuous with the infratemporal fossa.  

  • Temporal bone

    One of the bones which form the sides and base of the cranium. One of a pair of skull bones, forming the lower part of the cranium (skull) and containing cavities associated with the ear. Segment of the cranium located on the sides of the head, anterior to the ears. Either of a pair of…

  • Temporal arteritis

    A headache caused by inflammation of the region over the temporal artery, usually occurring in older people. Inflammation of the cranial arteries, especially a temporal artery on the side of the head; it occurs most often in elderly women and produces symptoms of headache, chewing difficulty, and sometimes impaired vision. Inflammation of the temporal artery.…

  • Temple

    The flat part of the side of the head between the top of the ear and the eye. Region of the head in front and above each ear. The region of the head in front of the ear and over the zygomatic arch. The flat area of the head located behind the eye and above…

  • Temperature graph

    A graph showing how a person’s temperature rises and falls over a period of time.