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  • Fornix

    Any arch‐shaped structure or vaultlike space created by that structure, such as the vestibular fornix. Small arched scale. A bundle of nerves connected to the hippocampus. Part shaped like an arch, as the fornix cerebri in the hippocampus of the brain or the vaginal fornix. A tract of myelinated nerves along the arched floor of…

  • Foreign body reaction

    A granulomatous reaction around a foreign material within a tissue or organ, often characterized by giant cells. This may present as acute or chronic gingival inflammation and may produce tattoos or red, red/white or suppurative lesions. A reaction involving pain, photophobia, and lacrimation, which occurs when a foreign body comes into contact with the surface…

  • Foreign body

    A nonnative substance in the tissues or body cavities. A piece of material which is not part of the surrounding tissue and should not be there, e.g. sand in a cut, dust in the eye or a pin which has been swallowed. Anything present at a site where it would not normally be found. Slivers,…

  • Fordyce’s granules

    Fordyce’s granules

    A developmental anomaly characterized by ectopic sebaceous glands appearing as minute, yellowish papules on the oral mucosa.  

  • Force vector

    Force applied through direction and magnitude.  

  • Force

    Vector of load application creating acceleration or deformation along the direction of its application. An external influence; a push or pull exerted on an object. The metric unit for force is the newton. One newton equals 0.225 lb of force.  

  • Foramen

    A natural opening or passageway, specifically into or through a bone. The opening into the ovule [old-fashioned term, not recommended]. Hole or opening, especially in a bone or membrane (e.g., foramen ovale, opening between the two atria of the fetal heart that closes after birth). An opening or hole in a bone, allowing the passage…

  • Food impaction

    The forceful wedging of food into the interproximal space by chewing pressure (vertical impaction) or the forcing of food interproximally by tongue or cheek pressure (horizontal impaction). The forcing of food into the interproximal spaces of teeth by chewing (vertical impaction) or by tongue and cheek pressure (horizontal impaction).  

  • Food and drug administration (FDA)

    Agency of United States Department of Health and Human Services that regulates testing of experimental drugs and devices. The FDA clears new drugs and medical products based on evidence of safety and efficacy. One of a number of health administrations under the assistant secretary of health (of the U.S. Department of health and human services…

  • Follow‐up

    Periodic monitoring of patient health after medical or surgical treatment, including that of clinical study or trial participants.