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  • Flank angle

    The angle made by the flank of a screw thread with a line perpendicular to the axis of the screw.  

  • Flange contour

    The design of the extension of a denture shape or form of a protuberance or extension of a denture tissue surface.  

  • Flange

    A rim used for strength, for directing or connecting to another segment of an object. The portion of denture material protruding into the buccal, lingual, or labial tissue area of a denture. Ring-like projection on the outside or inside of a cylinder or rounded shape. The outward flared edge of the can body that becomes…

  • Flabby tissue

    Excessive movable tissue.  

  • Fixture

    An endosteal dental implant. Term coined to define an endosteal dental implant, root form, blade, ramus frame, that are embedded and integrated or fixed in the bone for stabilization of the superstructured prosthetics.  

  • Fixed‐removable

    Prosthesis fixed to an implant or implants, only removable by the dentist.  

  • Fixed prosthodontics

    Fixed prosthodontics

    Subdivision of prosthodontics concerned with the replacement of teeth with dental implants and/or replacement of tooth crowns with restorations fixed in place (nonremovable).  

  • Fixed prosthesis

    Dental or maxillofacial prosthesis supported and retained by natural teeth, tooth roots, or dental implants, not readily removed by the patient. Synonym for bridge.  

  • Fixed partial denture

    Nonremovable partial prosthesis supported by teeth and/or implants. A dental restoration of one or more missing teeth. It may be attached to a fixed, implanted structure within the mandible or maxilla.  

  • Fixed movable bridge

    Fixed movable bridge

    A fixed partial denture having one or more nonrigid connectors.