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Solanum mammosum


Solanum mammosum Quick Facts
Name: Solanum mammosum
Scientific Name: Solanum mammosum
Origin South America but naturalized in Greater Antilles, Caribbean and Central America.
Colors Glossy orange or yellow (Fruit)
Shapes Rounded, oblong or cylindric to oblong; Length: 4.5-7; Across: 3-4 cm (Fruit)
Flesh colors White
Major nutrients Total dietary Fiber (2.05%)
Protein (1.92%)
Calcium (0.70%)
Vitamin C (0.06%)
More facts about Solanum mammosum
Solanum mammosum, also known as Apple Of Sodom, Cow’s Udder, Breastberry, Fox Face, Macaw Bush, Love Apple, Mickey Mouse Plant, Macawbush, Nipple Nightshade, Nipple Fruit, Tit Fruit, Pigs Ears, Titty Fruit, Tit Plant, Zombie Fruit, Turkey Berry is a flowering plant in the family Solanaceae. It is native to South America but naturalized in Greater Antilles, Caribbean and Central America. It is widespread in Central America: Belize, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Amazon basin: Northwestern Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia, Surinam and Guyana. It has been introduced elsewhere and is commonly grown in east and south east Asia but rare in Africa. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant. Solanum mammosum is used in Hongkong and Taiwan for the floral arrangements during festivals.


An annual or perennial, woody shrub which is usually 1.5 m in height. The branched stems are brown or purple to green in color. The flowers are pink to purple and 2.5 cm long. The leaves are broad, hairy, spiny, ovate-orbicular and 10-25 cm in length. The fruits are rounded, oblong or cylindric to oblong; glossy orange or yellow; 4.5-7 cm long and 3-4 cm across. Fruits contain several seeds which are compressed, purplish red-dark brown and 3-4 mm as diameter. The inside flesh of fruit is white.

Nutritional value

The serving size of 100 grams of Solanum mammosum fruit provides 0.96 grams of protein, 0.78 grams of total dietary fiber, 3.23 grams of total sugars, 7 grams of calcium, 0.05 grams of Vitamin C and 4 µg of Beta carotene.

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