Mozzarella & tomato recipe

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This snack is visually great and tastes as good as it looks. This recipe is very simple, quick to prepare and my experience is that they usually disappear within minutes of placing on a serving dish.

  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
  • Total Time: 20 Minutes


  • 1 lb (400 g) of sweet cherry tomatoes
  • 2 oz (60 g) buffalo mozzarella Cheese
  • Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt
  • Virgin olive oil or virgin rapeseed oil for dressing
  • 4 lemon wedges
Basil Oil
  • A handful of fresh basil leaves
  • 3½ oz (100 ml) of olive oil
How to Make It
  1. Place the mozzarella on a wooden chopping board and slice it fairly thinly.
  2. Halve the cherry tomatoes and place them on plate.
  3. For the basil oil, put the basil leaves in a processor, then pour warmed olive oil over the leaves. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to season and blend to a paste. Using a fine sieve, strain the paste through and set aside.
  4. Place a few grains of the sea salt on top of each tomato half and trickle the basil oil over the cheese and tomato. Grind a little black pepper and serve.

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