Anchovies Facts

Anchovies are small fish that thrive in temperate oceans all around the world. Although also found in colder ocean regions, their numbers are not as plentiful or concentrated as in warm waters. Anchovies are very popular as an edible variety of oily fish. Anchovies are mostly used for flavoring purposes and added to a lot of other dishes and used as ingredients in food seasoning and dressing products. They are also consumed in their canned, salted and dried forms but their popularity as an edible fish rests mainly upon their flavoring property. Besides ranking high on the seasoning factor, anchovies are also believed to have a lot of health benefits when consumed in any of their above-mentioned forms.

Name Anchovy
Scientific Name Engraulidae
Name in Other Languages Afrikaans: Ansjovis
Albanian: lloj sardeleje
Armenian: Andzruk (անձրուկ)
Arabic: Albilm alanshufa (البلم الآنشوفة)
Azerbaijani: Hamsi
Bengali: Hēriṁ-jātīẏa kṣudra matsyabiśēṣa (হেরিং-জাতীয় ক্ষুদ্র মত্স্যবিশেষ)
Basque: Antxoa
Belarusian: Ančoŭsy (анчоўсы)
Bosnian: Iinćun
Bulgarian: Anshoa (аншоа)
Catalan: Anxova
Chichewa: Anchovy
Chinese: Fèngwěiyú (凤尾鱼)
Croatian: Inćun
Czech: Sardel
Cebuano: Anchovy
Danish: Ansjos
Dutch: Ansjovis
Estonian: Anšoovis
Esperanto: Anĉovo
Finnish: Sardelli
Filipino: Dulis
French: Anchois
Galician: Anchoas
German: Sardelle
Greek: Gávros (γαύρος)
Georgian: k’ap’shiis (ქაფშიის)
Gujarati:  Tīkhā svādavāḷī nānī māchalī  (તીખા સ્વાદવાળી નાની માછલી)
Hausa: Irin kifi
Hebrew: עַפיָן
Haitian Creole: Anchwa
Hindi: Anchovy
Hmong: Me nyuam ntses
Hungarian: Szardella
Icelandic: Ansjósu
Igbo: Azu ankovi
Irish: Ainseabhaí
Italian: Acciuga
Indonesian: Ikan teri
Javanese: Teri
Japanese: Anchobi (アンチョビ)
Kannada: Ān̄covi (ಆಂಚೊವಿ)
Kazakh: Ançows (анчоус)
Khmer: Anchovy
Korean: Myeolchi (멸치)
Latvian: Anšovs
Latin: Anchovy
Lithuanian: Ančiuvis
Lao: Anchovy
Malayalam: Orinammatti (ഒരിനംമത്തി)
Marathi: Ugra vāsācā samudrātīla ēka chōṭā māsā (उग्र वासाचा समुद्रातील एक छोटा मासा)
Mongolian: Anchous (анчоус)
Malagasy: Anchovy
Malay: Ikan bilis
Maori: Anchovy
Myanmar (Burmese): Aaan hkyao ngarr (အန်ချိုငါး)
Macedonian: Anšoa (аншоа)
Maltese: Inċova
Norwegian: Ansjos
Nepali: Sānō kisimakō māchā (सानो किसिमको माछा)
Persian: ماهی کولی
Polish: Anchois
Portuguese: Anchova
Romanian: Hamsii
Russian: Mạhy̰ ḵwly̰ (анчоус)
Serbian: Sardela (сардела)
Sesotho: Anchovy
Somali: Kalluun
Swahili: Ansjovis
Slovak: Sardela
Slovenian: Sardoni
Spanish: Anchoa
Swedish: Ansjovis
Sinhala: Anchovy
Tajik: Aнроус
Tamil: Nettili (நெத்திலி)
Telugu: Cēpa (చేప)
Thai: Plā cảphwk mong kong (ปลาจำพวกโมงโกรง)
Turkish: Hamsi
Ukrainian: Anchous (анчоус)
Urdu: میں
Uzbek: Anchous
Vietnamese: Cá đối
Welsh: Ansiofi
Yiddish: Antshovi(אַנטשאָווי)
Yoruba: Anchovy
Fish Shape & Size Small, 2 to 40 cm (0.79 to 15.75 in) in adult length, shape is variable with more slender fish
Fish Color Green fish with blue reflections.
  • Sicilian Anchovy
  • Spanish Anchovy
Major Nutrition Sodium, Na 734 mg (48.93%)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 3.981 mg (24.88%)
Selenium, Se 13.6 µg (24.73%)
Isoleucine 0.266 g (15.91%)
Lysine 0.531 g (15.88%)
Tryptophan 0.065 g (14.77%)
Threonine 0.253 g (14.38%)
Valine 0.298 g (14.11%)
Histidine 0.17 g (13.80%)
Leucine 0.47 g (12.72%)
Iron, Fe 0.93 mg (11.63%)
Protein 5.78 g (11.56%)
Health Benefits
  • Improves digestive health
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Weight Loss
  • Eye Health
  • Prevents Toxicity
  • Bone Health
  • Skin Health
  • Tissue and Cell Repair
  • Heart Health
Calories in 5 Anchovies 20 g 42 K cal


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