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Benefits Of Krill Oil

The majority of us will take some sort of dietary supplements. This may be as part of a diet, lifestyle…

Soybean oil 8.9

Soyabean’s oil is used to promote the flavor of prepared foods. It is used to for making sauces, salad dressings…

Buriti oil facts and uses 7.2

Buriti oil is derived from the fruits of Mauritia flexuosa which is considered as “tree of life” by Amazonian Indians.…

Sapote oil uses 6.2

Sapote oil is extracted by mechanical pressing the dry kernel of the fruit Sapote which belongs to the same family…

Pequi Oil uses and benefits 7.6

Pequi, Caryocar brasiliense Camb, is native to Brazil but could be found on Caatinga, Amazon, Atlantic Forest and Cerrado. The…

Kapok seed oil uses 6.2

Kapok with its scientific name as Ceiba pentandra belongs to the family Malvaceae and order Malvales. It is inherent to…

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