Benefits Of Krill Oil

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The majority of us will take some sort of dietary supplements. This may be as part of a diet, lifestyle or it may just be dependent on the season.

We may find that in winter we struggle with our energy levels and regularly get unwell, some people mitigate the effects of winter by regularly taking Vitamin C tablets, these stave of illness and keep your body balanced. It may not be because they are lacking Vitamin C, it is usually because the fruits that it is found in is out of season during this time. Our body needs an array of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats in order to remain balanced and healthy. One supplement has benefited from recent press in how good it can be for overall brain function and joints; you may have heard of Omega 3 but what about Omega 3 that is derived from Krill oil? Krill are small crustaceans a bit like shrimp, Krill oil is gaining as a popular alternative to fish oil. Like fish oil it has Omega 3 fats, known as the good fats, that is only found in marine sources. Here we have some of the top benefits of Krill Oil.

More Sustainable

Unlike fish stocks Krill offers a viable sustainable alternative. It is currently estimated that there is approximately 500million tons of Krill available across the oceans, however fishing of Krill is tightly regulated and monitored to ensure the supply remains sustainable.

Its Clean

When we take Omega 3 fish oil supplements, we can be unwittingly metabolising toxins that we weren’t aware of. As fish stand higher up the food chain than Krill, they have a higher rate of mercury in their systems, this is one of the reasons Krill Oil is better than fish oil since they have less mercury. Furthermore, Krill only feed off phytoplankton, which is at the bottom of the food chain, so they aren’t able to ingest other toxins, for this reason, Krill Oil is one of the purest forms of omega 3 available on the market.

For Stiffness And Inflammation

Krill Oil is good for joint pain and helps relieve stiffness in the body. Like Omega 3 that is derived from fish oil, Krill Oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation. Taking Krill Oil for arthritis can be effective as not only does it reduce inflammation it can also help the mobility of the joints, which reduces the pain. You may find that your joints aren’t sore in summer and only the cold effects them, but if you take Krill Oil all year round, your body will adjust to the supplement and lessen the impact of cold weather. Often joint pain or arthritis increases inflammation in the joints making the arthritis worse.

Heart Health

We are always looking at promoting a good and healthy heart, Krill Oil has been shown to lower bad cholesterol in the body and increase good cholesterol. This is good news as this will help lower blood pressure. One easy way to help look after you heart is with Krill Oil supplements. Make sure you consult a doctor before taking Krill Oil especially if you are taking any other medicines like blood thinners.

Help With PMS

Krill Oli can help with PMS pain and symptoms, it is believed that Krill Oils anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce pain during PMS. Omega 3 can help regulate hormones in the body Krill Oil can help reduce some of the emotional symptoms of PMS.

How To Add It To Your Diet

Just as you would with any other supplement capsule swallow your intended dose in the morning with water to easily add it to your daily routine. These capsules can be bought from most pharmacy’s, health food store or online. The capsules are generally smaller than that of fish oils which makes them much more pleasurable to take, with less digestion reflex and fishy after taste belches.

Final Thoughts

Boosting your diet with supplements can be a great way to help promote a healthy lifestyle especially if what you want to put into your body is hard to get hold of in food form. Boosting heart health and decreasing inflammation Krill Oil is an easy and effective way to help gain important Omega 3 without having to risk ingesting the mercury associated with eating lots of fish. We are still uncovering the amazing benefits of Krill Oil, but you can be safe in the knowledge that when you chose this product, you are choosing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Omega 3. Before you start taking Krill Oil supplements, it is always worth consulting your family doctor to make sure that it won’t react to any medication that you are currently on.




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