Bacon grease facts

Bacon grease is also called bacon drippings. The grease melts when the bacon is cooked. It is preserved in southern US cuisine and used to add flavor to various dishes. It is used in salad dressing, cornbread and gravy. Four grams of bacon grease provides 38 calories.

Name Bacon grease
Major Nutritions Total Fat (lipid) 4.28 g (12.23%)
Choline 1.8 mg (0.33%)
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 0.03 mg (0.20%)
Calories in 1 tsp (4.3 gm) 39 Kcal.
Precautions It should not be used in excess.
How to Eat
  • It is also used in cornbread and sautéed vegetables.
  • It is used to dress salads and gravy.
  • It is used as a spread over roast.
  • It is used in cakes as well as cookies.
  • It is used to fry bacon.


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