English muffins Facts

English muffin is one of those foods that we all eat but we rarely ever give any thought to. But this simple breakfast bread has quite an interesting history, and it a bit more complex than you probably think. English muffin is yeast-risen, and bears little resemblance to its American counterpart, the muffin, which is known as a “quick bread” since it uses baking soda instead of yeast. In fact, English muffins are a lot closer to the English crumpet, which is a lot spongier and pancake-like, but closer in resemblance. In reality, there’s nothing else quite like the English muffin.

Name English muffins
Native Invented in the United States by an English immigrant
Name in Other Languages Albanian: Kifle
Arabic: Fatirat mmusattahat wamudwara (فطيرة مسطحة ومدورة)
Afrikaans: Muffin
Armenian: կեքս
Azerbaijani: Kurabiye
Bengali: Māphina (মাফিন)
Basque: Muffin
Belarusian: Aladki (аладкі)
Bosnian: Pogačica
Bulgarian: Kifla (кифла)
Catalan: Muffin
Chinese: Sōng Bing (松饼)
Cebuano: Muffin
Chichewa: Muffin
Croatian: Kolač
Czech: Muffin
Danish: Muffin
Dutch: Muffin
Estonian: Muffin
Esperanto: Muffin
Finnish: Muffinssi
French: Muffin
Filipino: Muffin
Galician: Queque
German: Muffin
Greek: Tiganíta (τηγανίτα)
Georgian: Muffin
Gujarati: Muffin
Hebrew: מַאפִין
Hausa: Muffin
Hindi: Tikiya (टिकिया)
Haitian Creole: Mòfin
Hmong: Muffin
Hungarian: Muffin
Icelandic: Muffin
Irish: Muffin
Italian: Focaccina
Igbo: Muffin
Indonesian: Kue serabi
Javanese: Muffin
Japanese: Mafin (マフィン)
Kannada: Maphin (ಮಫಿನ್)
Kazakh: Toqaştı (тоқашты)
Khmer: Muffin
Korean: Meopin (머핀)
Latvian: Kēkss
Lithuanian: Mafinas
Latin: Muffin
Lao: Muffin
Malayalam: Muffin
Malagasy: Muffin
Malay: Muffin
Maori: Mawhene
Marathi: Ēka vāṭōḷī capaṭī pōḷī (एक वाटोळी चपटी पोळी)
Mongolian: Talkhny (талхны)
Myanmar (Burmese): Muffins
Macedonian: Kifla (кифла)
Maltese: Muffin
Nepali: Muffin
Norwegian: Muffin
Persian: بشقاب سفالی کوچک
Polish: Bułeczka
Portuguese: Queque
Romanian: Brioşă
Russian: Olad’ya (оладья)
Serbian: Nогачица
Slovak: Muffin
Slovenian: Muffin
Spanish: Mollete
Swedish: Muffin
Sinhala: Mafin (මෆින්)
Sesotho: Renaissance
Somali: Rootigii
Swahili: Muffin
Tajik: Muffin
Tamil: Kampaḷippōrvai (கம்பளிப்போர்வை)
Telugu: Maphin (మఫిన్)
Thai: Mạffin (มัฟฟิน)
Turkish: Kek
Ukrainian: Oladky (оладки)
Urdu: مفن
Uzbek: Muffin
Vietnamese: Bánh nướng xốp
Welsh: Myffin
Yiddish: מופפין
Yoruba: Muffin
Zulu: Muffin
English Muffin Size 3 inches flat, round and 1 inch high
Major Nutrition Selenium, Se 16.6 µg (30.18%)
Manganese, Mn 0.571 mg (24.83%)
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 0.246 mg (20.50%)
Iron, Fe 1.64 mg (20.50%)
Carbohydrate 25.54 g (19.65%)
Tryptophan 0.064 g (14.55%)
Sodium, Na 201 mg (13.40%)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.166 mg (12.77%)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 1.913 mg (11.96%)
Isoleucine 0.194 g (11.60%)
Valine 0.223 g (10.56%)
Calcium, Ca 101 mg (10.10%)
Health Benefits
  • Boost your Energy and Lower Cholesterol
  • Build and Maintain Lean Muscle with High Quality Protein
Calories in 1 muffins (57 g) 127 K cal


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