Gandaria facts

The fruit resembles a miniature mango which varies in shape from oval-round. The matured fruit is 4 to 7 cm long having a smooth, brittle and thin skin. When the fruit gets ripened, the skin turns to the apricot color or yellow. This fruit is generally added to the salads and used for the preparations of sauces.

Name Gandaria
Scientific Name Bouea macrophylla
Native North Sumatra, West Java and Peninsular Malaysia. It is widely cultivated in Sumatra, Ambon, Java, Mauritius, Borneo, Philippines and Thailand. It was exported to Europe by Thailand.
Common/English Name Gandaria, Plum Mango, Marian Plum
Name in Other Languages Dutch: Gandaria,
German: Pflaumenmango,
North Sulawesi, Alfoersch: Wetes,
Sulawesi, Buginese: Buwa Melawe,
Kalimantan, Dyak: Barania,
Flores: Lluber,
Gajo: Remie,
Java: Gandaria,
Sumatra, Lampung: Ramen,
Madurese: Pao Gandaria,
Sulawesi, Makassar: Kalawasa,
Sumatra, Malay: Kundangan,
Manado, Malay: Gandaria,
Sumatra, Minangkabau: Gandoriah,
Sundanese: Jantake,
Malaysia: Kedungan Hutan,
Philippines: Gandaria,
Spanish: Gandaria,
Thailand: Mayong
Plant Growth Habit Robust, evergreen, perennial
Soil Well-drained, light, fertile
Plant Size Height: 27 m with trunk diameter: 55 cm
Bark Light brown-grey, fissured
Branches Smooth, hanging, angular or flattened
Leaf Elliptic, ovate to oblong to lanceolate, glabrous; Length: 45 cm long, Width: 13 cm
Flowering Season Thailand: November-December
Indonesia: June-November
Flower Oblong-obovate petals, yellowish or light yellowish to green, 1.5-2.5 mm × 1 mm
Fruit shape & size Subglobose, oval-round, Length: 4-7cm
Fruit color Green, yellow or orange
Flesh color Orangey yellow
Fruit skin Thin, smooth, brittle
Fruit Taste Sour-sweet
Seed Single seed with blue or violet cotyledon
Endosperm White, pinkish purple
Fruit Season Thailand: April-May
Indonesia: March-June
Health Benefits
  • Skin Health
  • Speeds healing process
  • Treat cancer
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Function of brain
  • Eradicate toxins
  • Heart ailments
  • Lung functions
  • Vision
  • Assist weight loss


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