Pizza facts

Pizza has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. There are only few people who don’t like this food. The toppings of the pizza vary. It has high content of antioxidants that assist health and counteracts cancer. It is a meal which is packed with nutritional value. It is rich in calories, fat and sodium.

Name Pizza facts and benefits
Native The term pizza was originated from Latin word pinsa which means flatbread.
Name in Other Languages Albanian: pica;
Basque: pizza;
Belarusian: pica (піца);
Bosnian: Pizza;
Bulgarian: pitsa (пица);
Catalan: pizza;
Croatian: pizza;
Czech: pizza;
Danish: pizza;
Dutch: pizza;
Estonian: pitsa;
Finnish: pizza;
French: pizza;
Galician: pizza;
German: Pizza;
Greek: pítsa (πίτσα);
Hungarian: pizza;
Icelandic: pizza;
Irish: pizza;
Italian: pizza;
Latvian: pica;
Lithuanian: pica;
Macedonian: pica (пица);
Maltese: pizza;
Norwegian: pizza;
Polish: pizza;
Portuguese: pizza;
Romanian: pizza
Russian: pitstsa (пицца);
Serbian: pica (пица);
Slovak: pizza;
Slovenian: pizza;
Spanish: pizza;
Swedish: pizza;
Ukrainian: піца;
Welsh: pizza;
Armenian: ṗyẕʻ (պիցցա);
Azerbaijani: pizza;
Bengali: Pijā (পিজা);
Chinese: Bǐsà (比萨);
Georgian: pits’a (პიცა);
Gujarati: Pijhā (પિઝા);
Hindi: pizza (पिज़्ज़ा);
Hmong: pizza;
Japanese: Piza (ピザ);
Kannada: Pijjā (ಪಿಜ್ಜಾ);
Kazakh: pïcca (пицца);
Khmer: phi hsaa (ភី​ហ្សា);
Korean: pija (피자);
Lao: pizza;
Malayalam: pis’sa (പിസ്സ);
Marathi: Pijhjhā (पिझ्झा);
Mongolian: pitstsa (пицца);
Myanmar (Burmese): pe jar (ပီဇာ);
Nepali: Pijjā (पिज्जा);
Sinhala: pīsā (පීසා);
Tajik: Pizza;
Tamil: Pīs’sā (பீஸ்ஸா);
Telugu: Pijjā (పిజ్జా);
Thai: Phiss̀ā (พิซซ่า);
Uzbek: pizza;
Vietnamese: bánh pizza;
Turkish: pizza;
Afrikaans: pizza;
Chichewa: pitsa;
Hausa: pizza;
Igbo: Pizza;
Sesotho: pizza e;
Somali: pizza;
Swahili: pizza;
Yoruba: pizza;
Zulu: pizza;
Cebuano: pizza;
Filipino: pizza;
Indonesian: pizza;
Javanese: pizza
Malagasy: ny pizza
Malay: pizza;
Maori: pizza;
Esperanto: pico;
Haitian Creole: pitza;
Latin: Etruscum;
Major Nutritions Sodium, Na 640 mg (42.67%)
Lycopene 2049 µg (40.98%)
Selenium, Se 21.3 µg (38.73%)
Valine 0.77 g (36.46%)
Isoleucine 0.603 g (36.06%)
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) 0.417 mg (34.75%)
Iron, Fe 2.65 mg (33.13%)
Phosphorus, P 231 mg (33.00%)
Leucine 1.219 g (32.98%)
Histidine 0.38 g (30.84%)
Health Benefits
  • Production of energy
  • Forms hemoglobin
  • Weakness
  • Assist digestion
  • Prevent cancer
  • Immunity
  • Prevent obesity
  • Level of sugar
  • Nervous system
  • Antioxidant properties
Calories in 1 slice (107 g) 285 Kcal.
  • The over consumption of pizzas increases the level of cholesterol and heart ailments.
  • The saturated fats could lead to the infections such as myocardial infarction.
  • It might lead to gaining weight, cardiovascular ailments and diabetes.
  • It also raises the level of blood pressure.
Other Facts
  • The largest pizza of the world was gluten free.
  • Pepperoni is the famous pizza topping in US.
  • Mayo Jaga and squid are the famous toppings for pizza in Japan.
  • There are about 61,269 pizzerias in US.
  • In America, about 62% of the people prefer meat toppings and others prefer vegetable toppings.
  • The world’s expensive pizza cost 12,000 dollars.
  • The longest pizza of the world was prepared by 80 chefs.


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