Sausage facts

Sausage is the processed meat. Sausage is made with the use of intestines such as sheep, pigs, cattle and goats. It is preserved and stuffed into casings that are made with the intestine of animal.

Name Sausage benefits and precautions
Native Sausage are manufactured before two thousand years and still known to the industry. The industry is using the new technologies to process the sausage.
Name in Other Languages Albanian: suxhuk;
Basque: txistorra;
Belarusian: kaŭbasa (каўбаса);
Bosnian: kobasica;
Bulgarian: nadenitsa (наденица);
Catalan: salsitxa;
Croatian: kobasica;
Czech: klobása;
Danish: pølse;
Dutch: worst;
Estonian: vorst;
Finnish: makkara;
French: saucisse;
Galician: salchicha;
German: Wurst;
Greek: loukániko (λουκάνικο);
Hungarian: kolbász;
Icelandic: pylsa;
Irish: ispíní;
Italian: salsiccia;
Latvian: desa;
Lithuanian: dešra;
Macedonian: kolbas (колбас);
Maltese: zalzett;
Norwegian: pølse;
Polish: kiełbasa;
Portuguese: linguiça;
Romanian: cârnat;
Russian: kolbas (колбаса);
Serbian: kobasica;
Slovak: klobása;
Slovenian: klobasa;
Spanish: salchicha;
Swedish: korv;
Ukrainian: kovbasa (ковбаса);
Welsh: selsig;
Armenian: nrbershik (նրբերշիկ);
Azerbaijani: kolbasa;
Bengali: Sasēja (সসেজ);
Chinese: Xiāngcháng (香肠);
Georgian: dzekhvi (ძეხვი);
Gujarati: Phulamō (ફુલમો);
Hindi: sos (सॉस);
Hmong: hnyuv ntxwm;
Japanese: Sōsēji (ソーセージ);
Kannada: Sāsēj (ಸಾಸೇಜ್);
Kazakh: şujıq (шұжық);
Khmer: sachkrak (សាច់​ក្រ​ក);
Korean: sosiji (소시지);
Lao: sausage;
Malayalam: sēāsēj (സോസേജ്);
Marathi: Caṭakadāra mānsācē khādya kabāba (चटकदार मांसाचे खाद्य कबाब);
Mongolian: Khiam (Хиам);
Myanmar (Burmese): waatauuhkyaungg (ဝက်အူချောင်း);
Nepali: Sasēja (ससेज);
Sinhala: sosēj (සොසේජ්);
Tajik: hasiʙ (ҳасиб);
Tamil: Tottiṟaicci (தொத்திறைச்சி);
Telugu: Sāsēj (సాసేజ్);
Thai: S̄ị̂krxk (ไส้กรอก);
Uzbek: kolbasa;
Vietnamese: Lạp xưởng;
Turkish: sosis;
Afrikaans: wors;
Chichewa: soseji;
Hausa: tsiran alade;
Igbo: sọseeji;
Sesotho: boroso;
Somali: bolse;
Swahili: sausage;
Yoruba: soseji;
Zulu: isoseji;
Cebuano: sausage;
Filipino: longganisa;
Indonesian: sosis;
Javanese: sosis;
Malagasy: saosisy;
Malay: sosej;
Maori: hōtiti;
Esperanto: kolbaso;
Haitian Creole: sosis;
Latin: farciminis
Shape Cylindrical
  • Cooked sausages
  • Cooked smoked sausages
  • Fresh sausages
  • Fresh smoked sausages
  • Dry sausages
  • Bulk sausage
  • Vegetarian sausage
Major Nutritions Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) 8 IU (53.33%)
Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamine) 0.86 µg (35.83%)
Total Fat (lipid) 12.03 g (34.37%)
Sodium, Na 350 mg (23.33%)
Histidine 0.281 g (22.81%)
Isoleucine 0.372 g (22.25%)
Lysine 0.691 g (20.66%)
Valine 0.425 g (20.12%)
Threonine 0.346 g (19.66%)
Leucine 0.642 g (17.37%)
Health Benefits
  • Maintain cells
  • Prevents fatigue
  • Skin health
  • Hair health
  • Enhance immunity
  • Kidney ailments
  • Assist digestion
  • Treat diabetes
  • Brain health
  • Repair cells
Calories in 1 serving (43 gm) 143 Kcal.
Precautions        The excessive consumption of Sausage would result in heart ailments.
How to Eat Sausages are mostly pan fried, broiled and barbecued.
Other Facts
  • National Sausage Pizza Day is in October 11.
  • Sausages were known as bangers during World War II.
  • The longest sausage in the world measures about 38.99 miles long.
  • The vegetarian sausage is prepared with soya products, nuts, tofu and vegetables.
  • There are about 470 recipes and flavors.


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