Health benefits of Ivy Gourd


Health benefits of Ivy GourdCoccinia grandis, the ivy gourd, also referred to as baby watermelon, little gourd, gentleman’s toes or even gherkin is actually a exotic vine. Additionally it is referred to as Cephalandra indica as well as Coccinia indica. The fruit of the tindora vine are the same in look to a Indian gherkin. Tindora’s fruits are ovoid to ellipsoid in shape and thus small they are usually known as “berry”. They vary in dimensions from 1″ to 2 1/2″ in length. Their skin is smooth along with variegations of green and white. The clear white flesh of the fruit looks like the appearance as well as taste of the cucumber, showing numerous seeds which create a red color. The flesh is equally crispy as well as tasty in texture having a slightly bitter aftertaste. Mature fruits turn out to be gentle and create a more gratifying quality. Based on variety, a mature tindora fruit’s skin color may also turn out to be bright red. These types of varieties are generally known as “Big Red”.

Tindora or even Ivy gourd is additionally known as by various titles such as the parwal, kundru, tondli in Marathi, Toroda, kunduri (Oriya), kovai, kundri or even kovakkai in Malayalam and kovakka in Tamil, Dondakaya in Telugu or even also baby watermelon or even little gourd is really a exotic vine.

Botanical title of Ivy gourd is coccinia grandis, a perennial herbaceous vine. Ivy gourd is actually a exotic plant within the pumpkin family and is also a hostile climbing vine that may distributed rapidly over trees, shrubs, fences along with other supports. It’s an outdoor plant yet favors a sun-drenched protected place along with a sandy soil.

Health benefits of Ivy Gourd

Ivy gourd has been considered as a therapeutic herb in traditional Thai as well as Ayurvedic medication. The parts utilized in diabetes treatment include the leaves; however the primary usage of ivy gourd is cookery, which is regarded as a veggie. Ivy gourd includes beta-carotene, an important vitamin A precursor from plant sources. Additionally it is regarded as an excellent source of protein and fiber. A number of the health advantages related to the ivy gourd are provided as follows:

1. Possesses laxative characteristics

This particular vegetable is additionally created seize laxative qualities and increasing the bowel motions within our body. This particular property is mostly related to the beta carotene as well as Vitamin A stripped away from the plant of the vegetable. Because of this, it is also utilized to cure gonorrhea.

2. Normalize blood sugar level

The ability of minimizing the blood sugar level can also be related to this particular veggie. This is particularly because of an essential liver enzyme contained in this particular food which standardizes the sugar metabolism within your body, by improving the glucose production. Therefore additionally it is of excellent assistance to the diabetic patients and is also strongly suggested for them.

3. Healing certain diseases

Since times immemorial, the ivy gourd has been utilized like a cure for asthma, leprosy, bronchitis and jaundice. The plant of the veggie is additionally utilized for offering relief to the bowel problems. This particular veggie is additionally verified to be healthy in healing particular blood diseases and is particularly confirmed to reduce higher fever (by utilizing paste produced from the leaves of the ivy gourd). Patients struggling with asthma and high cholesterol level may also be occasionally recommended to take the ivy gourd within their normal diet.

4. Ivy Gourd as Health Food

It is promoted like a health food in several parts of India due to its high-content of Vitamins. Each one of these vitamins is essential for the body of a human, and helps reinforce the defense mechanisms. It is abundant with Vitamin C, which will help in conditioning the bones. It’s got ß-carotene inside it that is a precursor of Vitamin A in body. Additionally, it consists of Vitamin B1 and B2.It is usually best to take Ivy Gourd together with meals throughout fever.

Additional health benefits

It is also notorious because of its capability to manage the sugar metabolism and therefore make sure an ideal amount of blood sugar levels. Additionally it is thought to have got anti anaphylactic as well as anti-histaminic qualities. Several research additionally declare this particular vegetable to be anti-oxidant to some degree; additionally it is constructive at increasing the defense mechanisms which often serves the entire body in eliminating against several illnesses in the much better way. Vitamin C present in this particular vegetable is additionally functional at developing the general body structure.

Along with the above, in case you eat on this veggie it’s got nurturing effects on the eyes, heart, liver and kidney.  Including this particular veggie in your routine diet casts no negative effect on the functioning ability of the liver or even the kidney. Additionally it is utilized to prepare medications which are effectual to cure anorexia, coughing, diabetic wounds, as well as hepatic problems. The ivy gourd is additionally well known because of its detoxification capability because it acts to cleanse our blood too.

Some individuals also feature therapeutic property for skin outbreaks as well as minor wounds to the leaves of the veggie. Leaves and also the root of this plant may also be recognized because of their medical uses; the plant finds considerable use within preparation of herbal supplements. Extracts out of this plant may also be shown to own hypoglycemic properties. The ivy gourd isn’t just anti-bacterial but in addition anti-ulcer, and is also pain killers as well.

More about Ivy Gourd

As being a traditional plant, it may distribute vegetative or even by seed. The stem is really a herbaceous climber or even perennial slender climber along with infrequent adventitious roots creating where the stem runs across the ground. The tendrils usually are lengthy, flexible along with coil-like springy character that may cover the host to the whole length. The foliage is regarded as palmately simple along with five lobes whilst the shape differs from the heart to pentagon form. The dimension of the leaves is around 5 10 cm wide as well as length. The flower is big and white about 4 cm in diameter and possesses 5 long tubular petals. The ivy gourd fruit belongs to the berry type: oval and hairless along with thicker as well as sticky skin. The raw fruit is green in color as well as turns bright red when it’s ripe. The mature fruit is generally from 25 to 60 mm long by 15-35 mm across and possesses numerous pale, squashed seeds.

Ivy gourd can be obtained as soon as the rainy season for around Six months in one year. The majority of people like to develop this particular vegetable in their own individual kitchen garden. A number of dishes could be prepared with this particular adaptable veggie just like fries, chutney or even full of masala. Few also love to include it in Gojju that is generally prepared with all the soft ivy guard. This particular fresh tender gourd is a simple dish to start as well as a summer delight!

History of Ivy Gourd

Ivy gourd is from time to time grown like a garden veggie within the exotic as well as sub-tropical parts of the entire world and was most likely brought to the Northern Territory just before European settlement. Modest populations are spread through the entire northern coastal parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. However, an invasion was documented from riparian vegetation along Wolston Creek within the western suburbs of Brisbane in February 2011, well away from previously known range of this particular species around Australia. Since that time it’s been noticed distributing from gardens in other regions of Brisbane (e.g. at Boondall and Sunnybank).

Nutritional Value of Ivy Gourd

100 gm of the fruit has a number of essential nutrients.

ascorbic acid 1.4 mg
Ca 40 mg,
carbohydrate 3.1 g
energy 75 kJ (18kcal)
fat 0.1 g
Fe 1.4 mg
fiber 1.6 g
niacin 0.7 mg
P 30 mg
protein 1.2 g,
riboflavin 0.08 mg
thiamin 0.07 mg
water 93.5 g

Buying Tips

When you visit the marketplace, to buy fresh new ivy gourd, ensure that the skin of the veggie is mild green and not too dark. The interior flesh needs to be white colored, and also the seeds needs to be soft as well as sensitive. Externally, ensure that the skin is smooth, and also the gourd is firm and healthy, not wilted or even water soaked. The more mature the ivy gourd is definitely the fruitier taste it offers towards the recipe you’re cooking. Keep these points in your mind, and make your cooking more fulfilling to consume, in addition to a much healthier diet.


Once you have purchased the ivy gourd through the marketplace, and also you wish to have it after a couple of days, the simplest way to maintain it fresh as much as possible, is usually to wrap it up nicely in the plastic bag or even place it in the covered container, and place it within the crispier drawers of the fridge. You may even place it to the veggie drawer to help keep it fresh for approximately a week, if it’s saved at approximately 50 degrees F.

Culinary Usage

Ivy gourd, or even tendli since it is additionally referred to as, features a great number of cooking usages. Much like most veggies, they may be prepared in the number of ways prior to being cooked. A number of them are:

  • The tendli is cut into tiny pieces or even bigger chunks or even cubes since the require might be, and included with a number of other veggies just like carrots or even potatoes to make curries.
  • It might be grated and had along with cream sauce or even utilized in sandwiches.
  • A distinctive type of cutting the tendli is cutting it in the spherical shape, to create tendli rings. These could be utilized in the huge number of recipes.
  • You might also cut the tendli into halves, and take away the inner seeds and also have just the soft fleshy interior. You may even slice it with the aid of a sharp knife, as well as deep fry it together with Chillies. This is extremely typical in Mexico.
  • In numerous parts of West Indies and South Asia, tendli is prepared together with potatoes, as well as served together with curd or even yoghurt, or might even be utilized in veggie preparations.
  • Tendli may also be stuffed simply by taking out the seeds, as well as including numerous spices into it. Various combos could be tested, in accordance with your preference.

Edible Uses:

Leaves and fruits of the plant are consumed as veggies. There are numerous of edible purposes of this plant.

  • In Thailand, it really is consumed in boiled as well as fried form.
  • Curries and soups are prepared utilizing the green ivy gourds. It is extremely well-known in India and Africa.
  • Ripe gourds may also be consumed without cooking in several cultures.
  • Its leaves are frequently utilized in preparing a type of herbal tea right after drying it.
  • The unripe fruits can be created into pickles.
  • Indian cuisine is rich also it utilizes Ivy Gourds in many dishes where it is stuffed with spices just before deep frying them.
  • Indonesian cooking includes cooking these types of fruits in coconut milk.

Medicinal Uses:

  • The leaves are very effective for treating diabetes as well as keeping the sugars under control.
  • It is a superb treatment for a multitude of skin ailment just like leprosy, psoriasis as well as scabies.
  • They happen to be utilized for dealing with tongue sores, diarrhea and jaundice. Flowers are generally beneficial in healing jaundice.
  • Roots of the plant have already been utilized in Chinese medicine since they have numerous therapeutic qualities.
  • A tonic made from the leaves is really a noted Thai medicine for the treatment of patients.
  • Their essence have been combined in a variety of therapeutic preparations that are offered as capsules as well as tinctures.
  • Some other conditions just like respiratory mucosae as well as bronchial inflammations may also be cured along with it.
  • Leaves, fruits as well as stems possess the capacity to support hypertension.


Stay away from tondli in case you are pregnant or even breast-feeding, since little is well known in regards to the results of tondli on the fetus or even infants. Simply because tondli comes with the capability to reduce blood sugar levels, prevent ingesting tondli gourds, leaves or even extracts in case you have diabetes without checking with the doctor first. Quit ingesting tondli for about a couple weeks just before scheduled surgery, because of its effect on blood sugar. In case you have an allergic reaction to many other members of the Curcurbitaceae family of vegetables, prevent tondli and talk to your physician instantly in case you develop indications of a hypersensitive reaction, like a allergy, inflammation or even difficulty breathing.