10 Tips to Stay Healthy in College

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It is often suggested that college students are under the illusion of an immortality complex. When they leave school and taste that first bit of legitimate freedom, all rules fly out the window. Bad habits creep in and these habits become a way of life for many of these students. 

What they don’t realize is that it is still relatively easy for their bodies to stay healthy. They can live off of less sleep and nutrition isn’t very high on the priority list. The problem is that their bodies take a hammering, and in some cases, that damage is irreparable. So, here are ten tips to stay healthy in college.



Check your diet

To be healthy in college starts with a decent diet. If you stuff your face with cafeteria food and takeaways, you are fighting a losing battle. Healthy diet tips are worth investing effort in. 

Prepare a diet chart for yourself and make sure you don’t skip the meals due to the study pressure. If, for some reason, your schedule is tight and you don’t get enough time to prepare food for yourself or go out and eat, hire online expert writers. They provide you with assignment writing tips and guide you in the right direction. You can get high-quality writing work like thesis, dissertation and college essays done in quick time. 

Don’t forget the sunscreen

Baz Luhrmann could not have stated it better. If there is one piece of advice that you should not forget, it is to remember the sunscreen. At college, your skin is still supple and rejuvenates easily on its own. Sunbathing is not a great idea at college. The damage to your skin is far worse than you might think at the time. 


The last thing that you want to do when you are in college is to neglect exercising. You are seated for most of the day and most probably eat rather unhealthy. 

Not only will regular exercise help you shed those unwanted pounds, but it will also refresh your mind. Your blood starts to circulate better and you get fresh oxygen in your, which means better focus in the end. 

Take some time off

It doesn’t matter how intense your degree or diploma might be. You have to take a break from time to time and relax. If you don’t blow off steam regularly, you can start to stress, which can lead to a host of other side effects, including lack of sleep and a lack of concentration. To stay healthy, you need to go out from time to time.

Sleep it off

Sleep is essential for optimum brain function. If a student had a big night out, he or she will generally take the next day slow and sleep a bit longer. Even if you don’t have regular big nights out, you should still get adequate rest as well. Your body gets a chance to recover and your mind has a chance to switch off and process the day that was. 

Get a flu shot

When it is crunch time and the deadlines are looming, your body’s defenses are down and you can become ill in moments. Whereas faith heals mental health, getting a flu shot in time will help you fight off the flu virus. Crunch time is inevitable, but getting the flu can be avoided if you do some body prep work beforehand. 

Drink enough water

Students will often joke about it, but drinking clean water is one of the most important things you can do. When you say clean water, it isn’t mixed with other forms of alcohol or a cool drink for that matter. You need water to help your system process all the waste in your body and transport nutrients which you need for energy and concentration.


Wash your hands

Washing hands is vital to student health. Students share more than they would like to think. The small confines of a dorm are the perfect breeding ground for many germs and viruses. 

Without giving it much thought, students borrow things from each other and the germs spread all the more easier. Washing your hands could break a cycle and you don’t have to catch a bug unnecessarily. 

Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks

Caffeine and sugary drinks are poison to a student’s body. Although the caffeine will likely keep you awake when you need to study hard or pull an all-nighter, what it also does is dehydrate you. It robs your body of the liquid that is actually good for you and provides you with a quick fix.

Stay away from smoking

In this day and age, it should be common sense, but smoking is really bad for you. Although you don’t feel the effects of smoking right away, the impact it has on your life is immense. Not only is it expensive, but you are paying to g poison your body. 


To be healthy in college is challenging. There are so many opportunities to dive into unhealthy habits. The problem is that they seem attractive most of the time and the negative effect it has on your body is seldom obvious. It does catch up with you when you are older and then the damage cannot be undone. Incorporating healthy habits from the beginning will ensure that quality of life after college is much better.    

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