12 Foods To Eat And Avoid If You Have Braces

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One of the most beautiful features of a person is their smile. It’s a fail-proof asset that adds more appeal and attractiveness to anyone. Unfortunately, this can be affected if some of your teeth are crooked and have grown in the wrong places. On the bright, thanks to innovative dental technologies, modern braces can give you the set of teeth that you’ve always dreamed of.

Getting braces is no longer a luxury as some people perceive it to be. You can contact your dentist Dr. Khan or visit your family dental clinic for consultation. Often, they would recommend you get braces that will straighten your teeth. However, this will require effort and constant care on your end. 

On that note, here are the foods you can eat and should avoid if you have braces.

To Eat: 

Having braces may stop you from eating certain foods, some of which could be your favorite snacks and desserts. You will need to make a few sacrifices and stick to eating foods that are allowed instead. You shouldn’t feel lonely, though, as there are quite a lot of foods that can be eaten even while you’re on braces. 

  1. Soft And Peeled Fruits

Fruits are healthy and easy to eat and digest. They can be your go-to food if you’re craving something sweet after a meal or during snack time. Go for fruits that come with soft and mushy textures. The best choices are bananas, peaches, oranges, melons, kiwis, and grapes. They are soft, and your teeth won’t have to get into friction with hard peels and skin as you bite into them. 

  1. Soups And Warm Broths

Another no-brainer and no-frills food to prepare while having braces is soups and broths. They’re the perfect food to eat, especially during the early weeks of getting braces. It may take some time to adjust, but eating soup can make you feel full and calm your mouth from discomfort or slight pain. With a bowl of soup filled with soft, cooked vegetables and warm broth, you won’t damage your braces. 

  1. Yogurt

You can also eat yogurt with braces. This is a healthy snack that’s easy to grab and eat at any time of day. Even if you’re craving fruits you aren’t supposed to eat, you can satisfy them by getting yogurt in that flavor. They will have those fruits incorporated into this probiotic snack. While you prefer to create a homemade flavored yogurt because you can add more ingredients to it, note that you shouldn’t add berries, nuts, and other foods that are too hard to munch on. 

  1. Pasta And Soft Noodles

For your calorie intake, pasta and noodles are great alternatives to rice. Eating pasta or noodles with braces is easy. Because of their mushy and slippery texture, you can eat and chew these thin strips without putting pressure on your teeth or braces. The key is to incorporate ground meat and easy-to-chew proteins and ingredients into your noodle dish in order to make them easy to eat with braces.  

  1. Dairy Products

Dairy products are excellent for people with braces. You can always go for soft cheeses, drink milk, eat ice cream, and have pudding for snacks. Since they’re soft and have a creamy texture, they should be good for passing through your braces. 

  1. Steamed Or Pureed Vegetables

Vegetables are needed in your diet to remain healthy and strong. The good news is you can keep eating vegetables despite having to be careful with what you eat because of your braces. You can steam, puree, or boil them in order to achieve soft textures. For vegetables that are in bulk sizes, you can thinly slice them to incorporate them into your meal. Fresh salads are also great dishes, just finely chop the ingredients, and they’re all set. 

To Avoid: 

While there is much food that can be consumed while having braces on, you should be similarly mindful of the contrast. Here are some that you should never consume, especially when you’re just starting to adjust to life with braces: 

  1. Nuts

The wires of your braces can be bent by nuts, so it is best to avoid them. If the wires get bent, it may take longer for your braces to straighten your teeth. Not to mention, you’ll have to pay for costs in case your braces get damaged. Hence, it’s best to stop yourself from munching on hard nuts for the time being. 

  1. Sticky Foods

Any sticky foods, like candies and chewing gums, are one of the top enemies of braces. Sticky foods can get stuck in all the metal and may cause damage to wires. No matter what materials you have on your braces, it’s best to avoid sticky foods.  

  1. Corn Cob

Corn cobs are obviously food to avoid for people wearing braces, and these are self-explanatory. At first glance, anyone can tell how the cob can be pretty hard to bite. This will require utter pressure on your frontal teeth, which can damage or cause friction on your braces. If you are craving corn, the best alternative is to have them separated from the cob with a knife. Eat them straight from the bowl. But make sure they are soft sweet corn. 

  1. Hard Bread Or Bagels

The brackets and wires on your braces can be loosened if you eat hard bread like bagels. Some bread is made up of special flours and ingredients that give them that chewy texture and nature. It’s better to avoid this bread and go for other softer ones instead. Some bread can be eaten even with braces, but it’s best to get them sliced into bite-size pieces. 

  1. Acidic Foods And Beverages

Some dentists would recommend you stay away from acidic foods & drinks right after getting braces. They might give your teeth that tingling feeling which may cause discomfort. It’s best to rest for a few weeks before consuming citrus fruits and acidic drinks again. Don’t forget to flush the acids down with water, so your teeth remain healthy and strong.  

  1. Chips

Eating junk foods like chips are best avoided when wearing braces. Chips require much munching and chewing on hard surfaces, which may add pressure to your appliances. Conquer your junk food cravings by opting for healthier substitutions instead.


Getting braces is the best way to regain your confidence and beautiful smile. The key is to take care of all your appliances so damaged braces won’t prolong your treatment process. With the guide above, you now know what foods to eat or avoid while wearing braces.




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