25 Habits to Nourish Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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For inspiration, here are 25 things you can do to nourish and flourish your mind, body and soul. You can pick just one to focus on, or one from each area. The point is to simply get started doing what you can with what you have where you are right now in order to create a better you tomorrow.

Not big on goal-setting? I hear you! Try to incorporate a couple of these into your day/week/life for a bit of self-care! 

25 healthy habit ideas to nourish and flourish yourself to your bigger goals:


  1. Take a technology Sabbath: Pick one day of the week, preferably a weekend, stay offline. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter you’ll feel when you completely unplug for a bit!
  1. Read a little: Whether it’s 5 pages before bed or listening to an audiobook on your drive into work, read a bit of something each day.
  1. Get up when your alarm goes off: Instead of reaching for your phone and snoozing (or scrolling through Instagram… you know who you are!), get outta bed! Go wash your face, make your coffee or tea, and voila! You suddenly have time to journal and meditate and read in the mornings, thus starting your new morning routine!
  1. Limit screen time: Similar to #1, you can do this daily by limiting your screen time (the time you spend on your phone or computer). I find this is most helpful in the evenings to decompress after a long day at work. Another benefit? You’ll sleep a whole lot better, too!
  1. Listen to a podcast: There are so many amazing podcasts out there, and you’ll be amazed at what they can do for your mind! So, while you’re doing your cardio, turn on a podcast. You may even find it more motivating than listening to music!  Even better, create a podcast of your own!
  1. Watch a TED talk: Fuel up your mind by learning from some of the best leaders from just about every industry by listening to a TED talk.
  1. Learn a new language: There are lots of great apps that make learning a new language into a game! It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and grow!
  1. Play Sudoku or do a crossword puzzle: I really enjoy doing crossword puzzles when traveling, but I know so many people who do these daily to challenge their minds! 
  1. Read the news: So perhaps this one isn’t always the most uplifting at times, but it is important to know what’s going on in the world. 
  1. Read an inspirational blog: You’re already in a great place for this one!


  1. Prep your food for the week: Do all of your grocery shopping (or have your groceries delivered if your store offers!), and pick a day to prep your food for the week. Cook your meats, cut up your produce, and put in convenient to-go containers to make staying healthy throughout the week easy-peasy!
  1. Go for a walk: Get some “you time” in your day by getting outside for a quick walk, or grab your dog and get some exercise. You could also go for a jog…or if you’re anything like me, “wog” (walk-jog…or a veeeeeery slow jog!). 
  1. Get in a quick workout: Although I’m an online personal trainer and coach at GymNation, I am not one to spend all day in the gym, but I know it’s important to get in a good sweat whenever possible.
  1. Stretch: Begin incorporating stretching in the mornings, especially if you sit for work. It helps get your body limbered and prepared for the day ahead!
  1. Dance, dance, dance: Nothing beats dancing around your house like a fool! Give it a try! I even dance when I vacuum the house (which, trust me, isn’t too often, but it makes it so much more enjoyable!).
  1. Try a yoga challenge: Whether this is doing a couple of sun-salutations in your living room for 2 weeks, or a 30-day yoga challenge at a studio, give it a shot! You’ll feel ah-may-zing afterwards!
  1. Get in a little non-running cardio: Hate to run? I hear ya! Plyo, Zumba, spin, or HIIT are some great alternatives to try in your routine. 


  1. Meditate: Everyone from Oprah to Time Magazine is talking about this one lately, and that’s because of its proven effectiveness at calming your life and excelling at your goals. New to the whole “meditation thing”? Set your timer for one minute, or pick one song, and sit still. Say nothing. Do nothing.
  1. Give thanks…more than just one day a year: Thanksgiving isn’t the only time of year we need to be thankful. Start your day off on a happy note by listing off at least 10 things you are grateful for. Need an extra challenge? Write them down, and come up with 10 different ones each day for a month!
  1. Get to writing: If you’re like me, you’ve got a collection of blank journals you bought because they’re so darn pretty and irresistible. So get to writing! Even just a couple of lines each day to start out can help you gain clarity and focus in your life.
  1. Pray: I began incorporating a more “interactive prayer”, where I use visualization and meditation with my prayer, visualizing myself walking in a garden or along a beach with God, telling him about what I am most thankful for, what my goals are, and asking for guidance and direction.
  1. State affirmations: By consistently stating an affirmation each day, you’ll notice a huge difference in your attitude toward yourself and the world when you incorporate them. 
  1. Visualize it to actualize it: Visualization is a powerful tool you can use to gain clarity and get focused on your goals. I recommend creating a “vision board” or “action board”, and placing it somewhere you can see it each day, and make sure you take time to really visualize with all your senses what it feels, looks, smells, sounds like when you achieve your goals.
  1. Get outdoors: Whether it’s for a brief walk for a few minutes each day, make time to clear your head and liven up your soul by spending time in nature. Instead of checking your mail from your car, maybe try getting in the routine of walking to get it each day.
  1. Volunteer: Helping others is good for the soul. Plain and simple. So perhaps your small objective could be to volunteer with people or animals just once a month or once every other month. Spending time helping others allows you to walk in more and more gratitude each time you do it.




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