3 Simple yet Effective Bell’s palsy Exercises You Can Try At Home

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Bell’s Palsy causes damage to the facial nerves and muscles which can be painful and uncomfortable. No worries, because this Bell’s palsy treatment can be followed at home. It involves some exercises and massages you can try with essential oils for bell’s palsy from The Goodbye Company. This at home alternative therapy is not only easy to do, but it is also effective and safe.

Bell’s Palsy Exercises:

The exercises for Bell’s Palsy promote blood circulation throughout your facial muscles. As a result, there is rapid healing of your damaged facial nerves and muscle fibres. In short, the aim of these exercises is to help your facial muscles become strong again.

#1 Facial Workout:

First of all, to begin with any facial exercise, you need to warm up your muscles. For this purpose, you can use the very popular gua-sha tools, jade rollers, or simply do it by your fingers. Make sure that you have properly washed your face and applied a moisturizer to prevent any friction. Then, gently apply pressure with facial massaging tools to your eyebrows, temples, sides of nose, jaw line, cheekbones, and chin. Not only will it increase blood circulation, but it will also drain accumulated lymph and fluids from the body.

#2 Nose, Cheeks, and Mouth Exercise:

You should mainly focus on the side of your face that is drooping. However, do not apply too much force in that weekend muscles only gently press down, hold and trace. By using gua sha tools, gently squeeze the muscles along your cheekbones starting from the side of your nostrils. Then, repeat this along with your jawline and apply pressure right in the middle of your lower chin.

Taking deep breaths while inflating and deflating your nostrils might also be helpful. Also, take a deep inhalation breath and blow air in your cheeks slowly and softly. Repeat all these facial exercises three to four times in a day for about 5 minutes.

For proper functioning of your mouth muscles including lip, jaw, and tongue, try the following moves. These steps help in proper swallowing, drinking, and keeping saliva from flowing. Open your mouth for 5 seconds as wide as you can and then close it. Pull out your tongue and move it in different directions. Changing your facial expressions and  puckering your lips in between the sessions will help you regain your facial muscle strength. Try these simple yet effective facial exercises about 30 times a day as the ultimate Bell’s Palsy treatment.

#3 Eyes Stimulation:

When one side of the face droops in Bell’s palsy, eye muscles are highly affected that can in turn affect vision. For better eye stimulation, try opening and closing eyes and lifting eyelid muscles for about 5-10 seconds. You can use your finger to lift your eyebrows and for gently patting its sides. Pay special attention to the side that is dropped so as to strengthen the weakened muscles.

Topical Aromatherapy with Essential Oils for Bell’s Palsy

Despite massaging your facial muscles with your fingers, you can use Bell’s Palsy essential oils to accelerate the healing process. It involves applying essential oils to your cleansed face followed by massaging using massage tools. There are many popular facial oils available in the market but the best ones are discussed below.

Helichrysum Oil:

Helichrysum oil is obtained from the Helichrysum italicum plant. It is found to be very effective in regaining facial muscle strength, healing damaged nerves, and improving blood circulation. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that is why it is widely used for medicinal purposes.

You can do topical Aromatherapy to treat Bell’s Palsy using the diluted form of Helichrysum oil. The best way to dilute it is to pour 3-4 drops of Helichrysum extract in 1 ounce of olive or almond oil. You can apply 2-3 drops of this oil to your washed face and massage gently afterwards for about 10 mins. Though this oil proves to be highly safe for humans, you may need to protect your eyes and sides of nostrils to avoid any itchiness.

Frankincense Oil:

Frankincense is an aromatic resin with a spicy warm aroma and incredible healing properties. It is obtained by hydrodistillation from the resin trees of Boswellia Genus. It has many health benefits to help a Bell’s Palsy patient such as boosting immune system, accelerating blood circulation, enhancing healing process, and reducing inflammation.

Frankincense oil is mixed with other herbs and spices to make proprietary blends like lavender, rosemary, clove, and bergamot. One of the unique and effective blends is frankincense combined with rosemary, and clove. You can find this Bell’s Palsy essential oil under the name Goodbye Bell’s Palsy from the Goodbye Company. Apply 2-3 drops around your lymph nodes, behind your ears, and along the jawline and massage for the best results.




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