4 Tips on Making Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

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It goes without saying, and many agree, that cold brew coffee is undoubtedly the best iced coffee you can ever drink. There’s no argument about it. There is a strict process to follow when making this brew, but you are guaranteed a final result that’s too sweet to forget.

Enough of the sweet talk. You’re probably eager to know how this brew comes to life. Here are 4 tips to make your own cold brew coffee:

  1. Get The Best Beans And Grind Them Well
    There’s no need to change the beans that you use to make your regular hot coffee. The ones that you always use are absolutely fine to work with. The most important thing to check on is how the beans are ground. Avoid using pre-ground coffee as it could be stale and may not bring out your desired taste. Get a grinder instead and grind the coffee beans for yourself.What you need for the best cold brew coffee are coffee beans that have been coarsely ground. The grains are properly sized for optimum extraction without getting that bitter taste. The texture of the coffee should be similar to that of coarse sugar. 
  2. Use Filtered Water
    The quality of the water you use as you brew your cold coffee determines greatly the final brew you get at the end of the preparation process. You can opt to buy bottled water that’s already filtered, but considering the fact that you want to make this cold brew on a regular basis, you may want to opt for something less costly.
    A viable alternative that we recommend is buying a cheap filter pitcher which you can use multiple times to prepare your cold brew coffee without spending an extra dime on buying bottled water.
  3. Take Time To Soak and Strain
    Cold brew coffee is best made through cold extraction where all the floral smooth sweetness of the coffee is drawn out without extracting the bitterness. This takes time. If you rush this process, you’ll end up with an astringent coffee that’s highly undesirable.The best approach to use it is to soak it overnight then strain it the following day at midday and you’ll have a perfect cold coffee brew to carry you throughout the week. Use a cheesecloth to strain the brew. 
    Don’t make the mistake of wringing it because the resulting taste will be bitter and devastating. Strain the coffee slowly without wringing or prodding it. Be gentle and give it time. 
  4. Dilute It And Store It Well
    Cold brew coffee has more ground coffee content than water. This uneven blend allows you to draw out all the amazing flavors during the cold extraction. You’ll also want to dilute the extract with water and ice. The coffee to water ratio you use makes or breaks your brew. You need to use the proper cold brew coffee ratio to achieve the best taste.
    Storage also matters when all is said and done. Coffee contains oil which easily attracts odors. Cold brew coffee has a longer life span compared to other iced coffees, but it’s important that you store it in the fridge and keep it properly covered to preserve all the wonderful flavors you’ve extracted.

So now you know. Go ahead and make your own cold brew coffee today.




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