5 Best Essential Oil Brands that Produce Pure Oils

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The essential oil industry is seeing steady growth today. It offers products that are good for treating various ailments such as anxiety, depression, stress and headache. If you’re a beginner to aromatherapy and are shopping for good essential oils, you’ll find plenty of choices available on the market.

Every brand comes up with unique oils that encourage different sensations when diffused. Here, in this post, we’ve collected the best brands you can try. The reason we recommend them is that they sell pure essential oils, which means that their products are of high quality.

If you like to read more and compare the best essential oil brands on the market, we would suggest checking Mimi Kondo’s blog post. She is a certified aromatherapist that tests essential oil brands more thoroughly.

1. Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils isn’t a new player in the aromatherapy market. In fact, the brand has been around since 2004. It was founded by a group of wellness enthusiasts whose goal was to develop 100% pure and authentic essential oils. The company has a range of premium essential oils and blends to choose from, all of which are family-friendly. In other words, Rocky Mountain’s oils are safe for use by everyone in your home.

Whether you intend to keep your immune system strong or simply want to maintain your feeling of easy breathing, Rocky Mountain Oils has got you covered. From organic, therapeutic, to pure essential oils, the company has them all in its product catalog.

Source: https://www.rockymountainoils.com/

2. Edens Garden

Edens Garden has gained widespread popularity among aromatherapy aficionados thanks to its excellent reputation for quality and affordability. The essential oils it produces are known for their safety and 100% pureness. The oils have gone through different types of testing to ensure that they’re really great, effective and safe to use. This makes Edens Garden an ideal pick for those who are new to essential oils.

The company doesn’t include fillers, fragrances, synthetics or toxic chemicals in its products. According to the founder, Grace Martin, it was her dream “to build a business that valued people over profit”. That’s why Edens Garden strives to produce top-quality essential oils that deliver real benefits to its customers.

Source: https://www.edensgarden.com/

3. Fabulous Frannie

Fabulous Frannie offers various natural, vegan and cruelty-free products to their customers. From hand sanitizers to blends and essential oil candles – among others, ensuring that there’s something you’ll like in its store. When it comes to essential oils, the company makes 100% purity its number one priority. This applies for the brand’s entire product line.

Fabulous Frannie’s personal care products are all handcrafted, which makes them unique and worth buying for those who like such items. Depending on your choice, the company’s essential oils are good for enhancing romance, soothing mind and body, nourishing skin, or even combating joint pain. More options are available for people with different needs.

Source: https://www.fabulousfrannie.com/essential-oils/blends.html

4. Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy takes quality and purity equally seriously. So its oils are 100% pure and free from any adulterants, additives and dilutions. If you’re looking for essential oils that are good to be used for aromatherapy, Plant Therapy is definitely one of the brands to go for.

The company pays close attention to the testing aspect when producing its oils, with every single batch of them going through quality testing before being released. During the process, Plant Therapy finds out in detail information regarding the chemical content in its oils, in addition to evaluating their color, stability, and overall appearance. The company wants to make sure that its customers get the most accurate information possible about its products.

Plant Therapy offers premium essential oils at an affordable price. They’re designed to carry healing properties and make you feel luxurious at the same time. This makes them suitable for beginners who want to enjoy aromatherapy like a pro.

Source: https://www.planttherapy.com/faqs

5. Revive Essential Oils

Another brand that provides 100% pure essential oils is Revive. Its products are designed to give you better sleep, help an upset stomach feel better, reduce feelings of anxiety, relax your mind, reduce inflammation and many more. All these effects are obtained naturally without toxic chemicals.

So if you have one or more of the aforementioned conditions, Revive essential oils could be the right brand for you. The company sells its products directly from its online store without involving the “middleman” in the process, allowing it to offer high-quality essential oils at better pricing.

Source: https://www.revive-eo.com/

Can Essential oils cure illnesses?

Yes, but only certain illnesses, sometimes. Essential oils cannot cure cancer or any other serious illness. They are not medicines or miracle cures. Their curative power resides in four basic functions:

  1. Antimicrobial action
  2. Pharmacological action
  3. Anti-stress action
  4. Miscellaneous action

1. Antimicrobial action

This has been shown for a large number of essential oils and this power has been used in the past to protect from plague, tend wounds and such-like. Applied locally and undiluted, many essential oils like Tea Tree can be effective, but there is no scientific proof that a drop or two of essential oil diluted in 10ml of carrier oil and massaged into the whole body can be effective against bacterial or fungal infestations in internal organs or tissues. The rapid rate of evaporation during massage of the volatile oils and incomplete absorption of the residual amount suggests that it could only act in a homeopathic way. Certainly, the assertion that essential oils kill only the bad organisms and leave the good ones is totally falacious as there is virtually no specificity of action exhibited by essential oils although different oils can affect different numbers of studied microorganisms.

2. Pharmacological action

Many essential oils like Geranium cause relaxation of smooth muscle and there is therefore scientific proof for the presumed activity of certain essential oils on the gut. However, again there is scant evidence to indicate that massaging with essential oils at low concentration can have an effect on internal organs. There is proof for the oral intake of undiluted essential oils (Pharmacopoeias) and many French doctors practicing Aromatherapy have had good results using massive doses e.g. 15 ml per day given orally or rectally rather than the usual 0.1 to 0.3ml diluted in massage oil. However, dilutions of 1: 200,000 used on the ileum has shown potent activity in vitro (Lis-Balchin) therefore again action at great dilutions in vivo cannot be ruled out.

3. Anti-stress action

This is perhaps the most active mode of action of essential oils and the effect is probably through the Limbic System or other parts of the brain. Essential oils have often an effect on the CNV (Dodds) and on ability to perform tasks (Buchbauer) indicating that some are relaxant whilst others are stimulating. Massage is a known relaxant and this used in conjunction with relaxant essential oils can be seen to have an anti-stress effect.

Stress acts like shock or fright through hormonal (adrenaline effect) and secondary messengers and enzymes on body energy stores and intermediate metabolism. The net effect of a stress reaction is that known as the Fright/Fight response which causes an increase in heart rate and circulation rate together with other physiological effects which put the body on standby for immediate action. Once the stimulus disappears, all processes in the body return to normal. However under constant stress conditions, the body is under constant alert conditions and various symptoms appear including panic attacks, withdrawal symptoms, depression and various complications resulting from the physiological changes like high blood pressure, asthma, psoriasis, palpitations, nervous tension/exhaustion, mental breakdown, lowering of resistance to infection etc. In fact most diseases can be precipitated by stress.

Curing stress thereby could cure some associated illnesses. However, the use of essential oils alone cannot succeed, and has to be accompanied by changes in lifestyle, diet or other factors.

4. Miscellaneous action

Some essential oils have specific functions e.g. Lavender heals wounds. There is no scientific evidence on the mechanism of action, but since Gattefosse first showed its curative effects there have been endless examples of its action. It may be that it acts through vitamin C which is essential to the repair of wounds (personal suggestion).

Gattefosse recommended the use of deterpenated essential oils i.e. non-pure adulterated oils which is far from the Holistic cry today. He further explained that many deterpenated oils became rather similar e.g. Lavender became similar to Bergamot. In fact Gattefosse was adamant that many experiments using essential oils failed to work if whole or pure oils were used.

Some oils e.g. Eucalyptus globulus and Camphor have a distinctive effect on the respiratory system by causing a local reaction on the mucosa which helps to clear the pathways. This effect is best shown through inhalation, as in using nasal spray or inhaling through gentle massage of the chest. The local action of essential oils like Camphor can again be beneficial through rubbing on the skin to relieve rheumatic or arthritic or other inflammatory conditions.




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