5 Really Healthy Drinks and Foods for a Natural Detox

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Cleansing the body through the use of specific techniques has been a common practice for centuries. Traditional Asian Medicine has always used acupressure to remove what they regard as disruptions in the body, mostly toxins located in the liver, our body’s natural detox organ.

Those who have no time for healthy eating will
Sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

– Edward Stanley, British Earl

Regardless, for hundreds of years, Native Americans have mixed aromatic rituals with food and herb intake intended to cleanse the body, using what mother earth has provided for them. Although these detoxification practices do continue to this day, study of the detox and nutritional benefits of food and drinks has established a group of “superfoods” that significantly aid the natural cleansing process.

Learning about superfoods, (and nutrition in general), was once a large part of my life a few years ago. I was at a group therapy session in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in Northgate, Seattle, and the detox I had actually just undergone was miles away from the natural detox you’ll be taking soon.

I’m Andy, I’m in my 30’s, and I have been sober for over 9 years. There are many parts to my recovery journey, but much of the what I learned was back in group sessions in Seattle, and that includes eating and drinking the healthiest foods available.

In other words, I simply love my superfoods.

Here are your “5 Really Healthy Drinks and Foods for a Natural Detox,” ones that will effectively and 100% naturally cleanse you from the toxins created by living as we do today, and making you brim with energy and positive thoughts.

Bitter Greens

I’m going to sound like your Mom – “Eat your vegetables!” Whether your family dinner table memories are good or bad, chances are you never learned to appreciate greens such as arugula, kale, or mustard and dandelion greens. The may never have got near your dining table…

These bitter tasting superfoods are strong detox agents, and, as it is recommended that we opt for a balanced diet in terms of taste – sweet, salty, bitter and sour – this is a must-have addition to any healthy detox diet.

Squeezed Lemons

Begin your day with a few squeezed lemons in a glass of water. Lemons are full of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and copper. The lemon juice will stimulate your liver, and, because of its mild diuretic properties, will flush out those unwanted toxins. Another superfood to try is the Blendtopia smoothie kit which you can order online.

Bone Broth Redux

If you’re not a vegetarians and vegans bone broth is considered a superfoods. It is high in amino acids, like glycine. It’s also great for detoxing the liver, a bone broth redux is also known to be good for your immune system.

Water (Yup, Water…)

Hydration is primordial for life. Just ask one of those leafy greens how important water is to them. Getting enough water on a daily basis is important for maintaining a healthy system. Many online calculators will tell you your recommended level of consumption.

Also, remember to exercise during the day. If you exercise your daily water intake should be higher than with no exercise. Clearly, water needs a little livening up, so add great flavors like crushed mint, berries, jalapeno, melon, and cucumber.


Guaranteed to turn your fingertips purple, beetroot, however, is one phenomenal superfood, and a personal favorite of mine. Not only beetroots create nitric acid to increase your blood flow around the body, it is literally bursting at the skin with a rich source of vitamin E, phenolic acids, carotenes, and betalains, an antioxidant that helps the liver to repair and regenerate its cells. Use in a superfood salad or just juice it up.

Not the Ideal Restaurant Menu…

All of these “5 Amazingly Healthy Foods and Drinks for a Natural Detox” feature heavily in my normal diet. As a recovering addict, albeit 9 years down the road, my diet is essential for strong mental health as well as my physical well-being.

Bitter greens, squeezed lemons, bone broth, water, and beetroot may not sound like the ideal restaurant menu to many, but this superfood-enriched diet is constantly improving and repairing a liver that was once very close to collapse.

Which superfoods do you rely on as your way of naturally detoxing your body? What works best for you? Please let us know with a comment you can share below – thanks. Happy 100% natural detoxifying!




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