5 simple tips to make men look younger

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When people guess or assume your age, do they guess younger or older than your actual years? If it’s the latter, then there are measures you can take to shave off years, turn back the clock and give a more youthful impression. Whether you’re going for a new job, returning to the dating pool, or you simply don’t feel ready to be an old man yet, there are many ways to rejuvenate the sparkle of youth, while still retaining the wisdom and experience of the more mature man.

Standing tall

Unless you have a medical reason to slouch or slump, don’t. A bent back gives the impression of old age, and can add years to a man. Watch your posture – stooping and slouching are bad habits that can start in childhood, but are more often caused by working at a computer, or crashing out in front of the TV.

Make a conscious effort to start every day with a straight spine and your head held high. Ask your partner or family to let you know when you are slumping or stooping, so you can correct it. It takes around 30 days to form a new habit, and straightening your back has benefits for your health as well as making you appear younger and more confident.

Rejuvenate your skin

If you’re a smoker or your diet is poor then you might need specialist help to regain your youthful chutzpah. However, if you’re a regular Joe, it’s likely that you don’t have a specialised skincare routine. It’s time to get one! It doesn’t have to be complicated, smelly or expensive, and many of today’s men’s products are multi-purpose. Exfoliating, steaming, moisturising and using products like beard oil, can all help your skin to appear healthier, and give the impression of youthfulness.

Take control of your hair

A lot of men are balding after 40. Measures to help your hair appear fuller not only make you look younger, they can have a potent psychological effect on you too. Rejuvenating thinning hair or a fully receded hairline can have a dramatic effect on how the face is perceived, and short of surgery, can be the most dramatic improvement to a man’s first impression.

If you’re wondering whether that is out of your budget, consider that the hair transplant industry has become deeply competitive recently, and that companies like Medaway can sort out your entire experience, including flights, surgery, downtime, accommodation and other travel.

Chuck out your chinos

If you’re worried about being perceived as older than you feel, it makes sense to swap any “old man” wardrobe choices for something more modern. Try swapping your chinos for a dark jean, or change up your footwear to something funkier. Perhaps your shirts could be a little slimmer, or you could rock a three-quarter length Crombie rather than a rain mac. The idea is not to dress like you’re trying to join a boy band, but to go for bolder, modern neutrals like navy, crisp white and charcoal grey, while banishing any “Grandpa” type clothes to the back of the wardrobe, or charity shop.




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