5 Tips to exercising with nerve pain

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One of the most natural and efficient ways to manage nerve pain is through exercise. And the good thing about exercise is that you will do it on your own pace and choose the kind of exercises you can do. While it is a good way to manage neuropathy, there are several tips to consider while doing such exercises, and below are some of them.

See your physician first

When it comes to nerve pain, exercising can cause more harm than good to your body if not done right. Most neuropathy patients suffer from numbness and in such a case, they may not know when the exercise is too much for them. For instance, you may hurt your ankle really bad but because of the numbness, you may dismiss it as a little sprain. Working out with such an injury will only make it worse and will probably need a surgical reconstruction by the time you realize how serious it was. So consult with your physician first for advice on what to do and what to avoid depending on your situation.

Start low and slowly increase the intensity

If you are suffering from nerve pain, then you may want to start at a low note because you don’t want to be too hard for yourself. Managing the pain will not be an overnight event rather it will be a progressive one so don’t just go into the hard stuff yet, if you are just beginning. You can start with these exercises on Neuropathy Help which are all yoga before slowly transitioning into more intense exercises.

Choose what suits you

Nerve pain is different to each patient depending on their condition. Even with a friend suffering from a similar condition, the type of exercises the two of you can do could be different, so you need to do your homework well before you begin your exercises. Using your doctor’s examination results, you can choose exercises that are fit for your condition.

Wear the right shoes

Having the right kind of shoes will go a long way to giving you the kind of comfort you need while at the gym. If you jog or walk to help with the pain, then it is recommended to have shoes that will make stress on your legs minimal. The most common shoes recommended often for such weight-bearing activities are silica gel shoes or air midsoles. When buying your shoes, make sure that they are wide and large enough because the last thing you want is shoes that are too small or tight for you.

Be consistent

To manage your nerve pain, then you want to be consistent with your exercises. If you exercise three times a week, then make sure to be disciplined enough to do all your exercises. Inconsistency will only make you lag behind so create a workout schedule and make sure to follow it. You can have a personal trainer to help you do your exercises or have a workout buddy who can always join you for your sessions.




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