5 Ways of Managing Arthritis

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Arthritis is a joint inflammation disease. It’s a painful condition that affects the joints. Some people have become immobile for years due to arthritis. 

There are over 100 types of arthritis. Females are the most affected by the disease. But that should not scare you. You don’t have to worry because there are remedies you can do at home to alleviate pain caused by arthritis. By following these tips below, you can manage and prevent it from happening.

Ways of Managing Arthritis

  1. Weight Control: Overweight and obesity are one of the main culprits of arthritis. If your weight is a little higher than usual, rest assured that you will have arthritis. Try as much as possible to bring your weight to a reasonable level. You can look for tips on how to lose weight with arthritic knees on the internet or you can ask your family doctor.  Begin exercising and check on your diet. If you’re used to overeating, reduce it to a portion that are sure to make you lose weight. Instead of driving, start walking at least a kilometer a day. Begin your day with a few exercises and then followed by a wholesome diet.
  2. Exercising: Working out strengthens the muscles.  Exercise to protect your muscles from wear and tear.  Start with warm-ups and some stretching. It will make your body more flexible before engaging in hard workouts. Accidents happen in workouts. Ensure that you carry pain spray with you to apply should an accident happen.
  3. Eat Fish: Some types of fish contain omega-3 fatty acids at high levels. Omega 3 fatty acids fight inflammation. Studies show that women who eat fish regularly don’t get rheumatoid arthritis.  These fish include trout, sardines, and salmon. 
  4. Protect Your Joints: It is essential that you use the correct techniques when exercising. Put your body in the right position and form while sitting, walking, and working. During a workout, use your knees and hips to lift weights. Don’t use your back. Also, put your back straight as you squat. Moreover, make sure that your body is adequately hydrated.Breathe in and out throughout the exercise to make sure that you have enough oxygen. Ensure that you’re using safety equipment while exercising to avoid injuries. If, for example, you injure your joints, you’re likely to damage the cartilage. Without the cartilage, the bones will wear out very fast. Avoid accidents during sport or anything that can cause wearing out of bones. Once injured use pain spray to relieve the pain.
  5. Visit a Doctor: If you experience pain in your joints, see a doctor almost immediately. You can also visit a rheumatologist. The inflammation progressively damages your bones. The more time you take to seek treatment, the more damage it will have caused by the time you see a physician. Depending on the injury, the doctor may suggest a lifestyle intervention. It will reduce the progression of the damage.


There are many types of arthritis. Due to lifestyle, genetics, age, or accidents, you’re bound to experience at least one of them. But with the above measures, you’ll prevent its progression. Some will even go away within no time.   




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