5 Ways To Stay Healthy When You Work In An Office

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We’ve all heard it before. That staying seated in an office-based job is detrimental to physical health. There’s plenty of evidence out there that shows that it will have a negative impact if left unchecked, but there’s also plenty of evidence out there that suggests there are ways in which you can slow or completely stop the negatives if you just pay a little attention to yourself and your health needs while you’re at work.

It all starts with you and you’ll want to make sure you focus on looking after yourself when you’re in an office. We’ve put together five easy steps that can really help you to look after your own body and well-being and we’re sure you’ll notice some serious changes in no time.

1. Walk To Work

This one is the best way to start if you don’t already do it. Walking to work is a fantastic way to get a load of steps in both before and after your shift, allowing you to make up for some of the lost steps you would have had by spending most of your time sat at an office desk all day. Stretching your legs and going for a walk is a great way to keep yourself healthy and stop your legs from seizing up.

However, it’s not always the most plausible solution for some people. If you live too far away, the walking times would be far too long to make it worth it. You could always try cycling, as that’s a great way to up your fitness and health levels while still covering a great distance and getting to work on time.

2. Don’t Eat Out

This one is a tip that just about everyone can make use of if they’re serious about staying healthy. It doesn’t just relate to working an office job, but it definitely helps. You don’t want to eat out if you can avoid it. If you do, you’ll only want to eat out once a month or fewer and consider it more as a “cheat day” than anything else.

It’s all too easy to fall into a habit of popping out to eat on your lunch break, but you end up buying entirely unhealthy foods without even realizing it. You’ll want to stop this habit if you’ve fallen into it. It’s not a healthy way to live and really needs to be kept in check. Those calories will add up if you ignore them.

3. Exercise In The Office

For this one, we will refer you to an excellent tool that we use to help us get a little bit more time to exercise while we’re in the office. Let’s say a business meeting is about to occur, but you haven’t done your daily exercises to look after yourself. Don’t worry though, because that’s exactly what Audext is here to help you with.

You’ll be able to crack on with your exercise while the meeting goes on. Audext is an audio to text transcription service that works for business meetings. Basically, the meeting will be jotted down as part of the audio to text transcription and you’ll be able to read it after it’s concluded and after you’ve spent a good amount of time doing your exercises. You’ll never have to worry about missing a meeting again with Audext audio to text transcription service.

4. Set Up Fitness Classes

Another great method for you to stay healthy while in an office is to set up fitness classes with your colleagues. You can either use the office space (if there is enough of it AND if your manager allows you to) or you can find a local gym that offers fitness classes. You can take some of your colleagues along or run them yourself to help with everyone’s collective health needs.

Again, it’s a great time to mention that Audext can be used to transcribe any business meetings audio to text that you might miss if you set up a class. Especially if you’re planning on taking a few colleagues with you, you’ll want to make sure that you cut down on the number of people who will actually end up missing these meetings.

5. Use A Standing Desk

Perhaps the most underutilized solution to getting healthy in an office is to opt for a standing desk as opposed to a sitting one. It’s no secret that sitting down for hours at a time is an awful way to work. It is incredibly detrimental to the musculature of your legs and works against your mobility, causing you to be very tight in the hips and even the back if you sit with a slouch.

With a standing desk, you’ll be able to stand up straight and work on your posture, while keeping your legs straight and comfortable – making it so that you won’t have to worry about any loss in mobility or musculature after hours at a time. Ask your managers whether it will be possible for them to set up a standing desk for you. Most of them are more than happy to provide one for you and will encourage you to work to achieve higher fitness levels.

We wouldn’t recommend bringing one in without asking first though! At least run it by your manager before you bring a large standing desk into the office space.


Hopefully, we’ve covered some excellent ways for you to start thinking about getting healthy while you’re working an office job. It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it when you start noticing the health benefits that come alongside working to get fitter and healthier.

And remember, if you need to attend a business meeting but find yourself desperate to crack on with some much-needed exercise, then don’t forget to take a look at Audext. Audext will allow you to do whatever you need to while the meeting goes on. The audio to text transcription will be run automatically and you can have a read through all of the important points that were raised after you’re finished with what you need to do.




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