6 refreshing and easy summer coffee recipes to try now

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The best thing to do in the summer to beat the heat is to drink a refreshing drink. Lemonades are perfect for this weather. People even drink aerated drinks and soda for a quick, energizing drink. But the best drink is coffee. It energizes you while refreshing you at the same time. Unfortunately, most people drink iced versions of coffee in the summer instead of cozy drinks like pumpkin spice coffee. Isn’t it?

If you love a quick pick-me-up iced coffee, this blog is for you. It has a few coffee recipes you will love in the summer. Let’s look at them now.

Cold brew

Of course, the blog starts with the classic and ideal summer coffee drink. Use your ground coffee to brew a batch of cold brew for an entire week and enjoy it chilled. It is less acidic with more flavor, so drinking it black isn’t much of a hassle. However, you can sweeten it by adding a bit of honey. Or any flavored syrups, or even vanilla sweet cream foam.

Cold coffee

A coffee style quite famous in India. It is frothy, milky, and creamy. It tastes incredible, and in the summer, people love drinking it often. You only need a few things to make this, like instant coffee, sugar (optional), milk, and a grinder. Add milk, preferably dairy milk, sugar, and instant coffee, with some ice in the grinder. Grind it till it becomes frothy. It is so refreshing to drink. You can tweak it by adding ice cream or syrup to the mix for more fun.

Iced coffee with sweet cream

This a super simple iced coffee recipe you will love and make often. It is an indulgent drink, perfect for sipping while working in the hot weather. You will need finely ground coffee, water, sugar, heavy cream, salt, and ice for this. Then brew coffee using medium-grind ground coffee. Add it over ice and add more water. Use 1/3 cup of whipped cream with sugar and salt. Whip it till it becomes thick. No peak is necessary. In a glass, pour the coffee concoction. Add the whipped cream to it.

First, it will float on top of the coffee, and then it will float down. It looks incredible and tastes amazing.

Tip: Use filtered water to make the coffee ten times better.

Iced Spanish latte

This Spanish latte is super refreshing, and its cinnamon gives it an earthy note, perfect for summer. For this, you need milk of your choice, ice, espresso, cinnamon, and sweetened condensed milk. Add all the ingredients to a shaker to mix them well. Pour into a glass and add more cinnamon as a garnish. Enjoy this delicious drink while you take a swim in the pool.

Vietnamese iced coffee

This is a two-ingredient coffee recipe that will surely make your heart flutter. It is simple, super delicious, and perfect for the summer months. But, for this, you need coffee and condensed milk. First, brew one cup of coffee using any method you like. Then, take out a glass and fill it 1/3rd with condensed milk or a condensed milk alternative. After that, pour the brewed coffee over it. Mix it well and transfer it to another glass filled with ice. It is a bit sweeter, so you may not want to drink it daily, but it’s great for indulging.

Mojito iced coffee

Mojitos are the go-to drink in the summer. What if you could combine this with your favorite iced coffee? It will be incredible, right? You need cold brew, concentrate, ice, simple syrup, cream, and mint for this. In a mason jar, add some mint and smash it well. In a shaker, add syrup, coffee, and water (only if you are using cold brew concentrate). Shake it well, and then pour it over the crushed mint leaves. Pour it with a bit of cream and use mint leaves to garnish.

Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day. Drinking iced or cold coffee is so refreshing and ideal in the summer. Try these recipes and enjoy your cup of daily java. Leave them below if you have other cold or iced coffee recipes.




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