6 Supplements To Consider On Your Muscle Building Quest

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Finding the right blend of diet, exercise, and essential supplements to achieve muscle growth is no easy task. Some people spend thousands of dollars and end up frustrated because nothing seems to work.

Marketers tend to oversell some products, and it’s important not to buy products simply because they look good on paper.

That said, there are some supplements that really do assist the muscle-building process and these are the ones you need to focus on.

Here is a list that may help you find what you are looking for.


This supplement is not recommended for beginners. Although it is considered to be highly effective, the dosage differs substantially from person to person, so is it always advisable to start with a small dosage, to begin with.

There have been fragmented claims that YK11 may have some level of liver toxicity, but none of these claims have been substantiated so far. What is known for a fact is, the effectiveness of this supplement depends largely on diet, exercise and plenty of sleep. YK11 does work but you will need to still put the hard work in as it is no magic bullet.

Branch Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs are considered the most effective muscle breakdown inhibitors. Couple that with the muscle protein synthesis properties of the essential amino acid referred to as Leucine and you get a muscle building supplement that is effective.

That said, claims that this improves performance is still largely unsubstantiated, but what is true is, it does help in muscle growth and maintenance.

Disclaimer: Supplements can be a bit pricey, and while effective, BCAAs can easily be substituted by a more cost-effective whey protein powder, or you can simply ensure you meet your daily protein requirements from food.

Check XTEND’s guide to learn about the benefits of BCAA and when to take it.


A supplement that is worth its weight in gold, is Glutamine. You don’t just get to increase muscle mass, you also get other key benefits like a more robust immune system, and it is a dab hand at achieving general body health on a large scale.

This amino acid is also crucial in the reduction of muscle breakdown, and you also get the rare benefit of re-synthesized glycogen and glutamine levels that may have been lost during exercise.

What this means, in principle, is that a glutamine-rich supplement regime lessens your recovery time between exercise sessions, hence enabling you to reduce the time needed to achieve your goals.


The research on the effectiveness of creatine as a muscle enhancing agent is still a bit fragmented, but what has been proven, is that it is a great supplement when it comes to high-intensity sports.

Scores of athletes have reported faster sprint times, elevated endurance levels, and improving strength and energy on a significant scale.

It does have limitations, as many studies indicate that it only operates in short bursts. Fortunately, the fact that it assists in the creation of ATP (adenosine Triphosphate) means you have more energy to help you go that extra mile in the gym and achieve better results.

Creatine has some drawbacks though, as it has been suggested not to use it alongside Caffeine. Caffeine will blunt the effects of Creatine if used together for performance-enhancing aspects.

There are also claims that although it is one of the safer supplement options, it may cause or aggravate kidney problems.

Whey Protein Powder

Onto the most convenient pick of the lot. Whey protein is inherently a dairy extract.

Although substantially pocket-friendly, whey is considered to be the cornerstone of any gym going supplement arsenal. This is probably the most effective supplement on this list.

Whey protein, like many supplements, doesn’t build muscle mass, that’s a false premise. What it does, essentially, is to replenish your supply of essential amino acids as a way to prevent muscle catabolism.

If you can maintain a routine daily protein intake alongside a religious work out and rest plan, then you can expect to see some good results.

Fish oil

Fish oils, the main source of omega 3 fatty acids come attached to a variety of benefits, none of which is muscle growth.

What you do get, however, is better bone and joint health, improved cognitive function, healthy skin, better cardio health and a myriad of other benefits.

When lifting heavy weights it can place stress on your bones and joints. This is how this supplement can benefit you at the gym.

Bottom Line

The benefits of most supplements in terms of muscle building are still few and far between, and although some do help, you will have to do the heavy lifting yourself.




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