7 Drinks you can have daily for better health

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Water is unbeatable when it comes to the most magical drink that keeps us hydrated and healthy. Yet, people often don’t drink enough water or don’t like its taste. Kids, especially, are challenging humans to get to drink water. However, since our body needs a certain amount of fluid every day to remain healthy, incorporating water in some form is necessary. When you look at the shelves of your supermarket, you will find tons of drinks that claim to be healthy but aren’t. When you read their ingredients, you can see that these health or energy drinks are full of sugar and other components, which don’t help your health.

So, what can you drink instead of water to remain hydrated? There are options, and we are sharing them below.

Coconut water

One of the healthy drinks safe for women, men, and even kids is coconut water. It is available in your supermarket and is full of nutrients. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes, minerals, and other crucial nutrients, making it a healthy addition to your diet. Drinking one coconut water every day can help you stay hydrated. Also, it is perfect for an after-workout drink as it can boost your energy levels.

Turmeric, Curcumin & Mango Tonic

Want healthy drinks without sacrificing taste? Then try a drink that uses turmeric, curcumin, and mango. This tonic is perfect for mixing with your sparkling water or regular water. It enhances the taste while also giving your body benefits like turmeric and curcumin are perfect for reducing inflammation in the body.

Green tea

Green tea is essentially water with some flavor with tons of benefits. Therefore, add green tea to your diet if you struggle with drinking water. However, never drink it on an empty stomach. Green tea has polyphenols, which decrease the chances of breast and prostate cancer. Moreover, it keeps you hydrated and ensures your blood sugar levels don’t rise quickly after a heavy meal.

You can make green tea in multiple ways to make it extra flavorsome and beneficial. For instance, you can add lemon or black pepper to the tea or even lemongrass to enhance its flavor.

Beet juice

Beetroot is one vegetable with tons of benefits. It is rich in magnesium, nitrates, and folic acid. When you eat or drink beet, the body uses nitrate to make nitric acid, which is necessary for improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure levels. Thus, including beet juice in your diet can help your body stay hydrated and healthy. Just grab some fresh beets from the market and make fresh juice in the morning. Drink it before a workout for an energy boost. Don’t buy beet juice which has preservatives or added sugar. Such drinks mitigate the benefits of this vegetable.

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is the closest thing to water and has a few health benefits. Look for brands that provide sugar-free sparkling drinks and use it to curate mocktails, lemonade, or drink it as it is. If you do drink sparkling water, also drink water because no one can beat that.

Lemon water

Ah! The best drink in the scorching heat is freshly made lemon water. Lemon water is simply water with a bit of lemon extract in it. You can squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and enjoy it daily. Most people drink it in the morning empty stomach as lemon in warm water is good hydration. The vitamin C in lemon is good for flushing out toxins and increasing your immunity. Drink it without sugar for better results. However, once in a while, you can add a sweetener and a few herbs to make refreshing lemonade.


Cut back if you love to drink soda, energy drinks, or other such drinks. These don’t fulfill your water needs but are rich in sugar or have empty calories. Instead, go for kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink. It has good bacteria which can help your gut. However, look for naturally fermented kombucha for the best results.

End Note

Ditch those drinks with empty calories and try these instead. These healthy drinks will help your body stay hydrated while also intaking crucial vitamins & minerals. Also, make it a point to drink water regularly for better health, hair, and skin.




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