7 Easy Ways To Enjoy Fruit

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There are many reasons why people tend to forget to include fruit in their daily diets. It could be because they fail to realize that these sweet treats contain many nutrients and vitamins. Or some people merely find it intolerable to eat fruits as they are. If you or anyone you know can relate to the latter, the good news is that there are many exciting ways to enjoy consuming fruits more. 

You don’t have to munch on these nutritious delights in their raw form. You can incorporate them into other meals or come up with a different recipe combining fruit ingredients. The key here is to maximize the health benefits that come with them. 

To get you started consuming more fruits, here are some great ways to enjoy fruits more:  

1. Enjoy Fruit Smoothies

You may find that adding smoothies to your diet can help you eat enough fruits and vegetables each day if you’re one of the many people struggling to have enough fruit intake. When you go for a smoothie, you can easily consume the necessary fruits containing vitamins and minerals in a few slurps. There is a wide selection of flavors, so you won’t have to drink the same flavor daily.  

The fruits found in smoothies tend to be high in fiber, which can aid you in reducing your risk of chronic illness and improving your overall health. Another perk of drinking smoothies every day is that it increases your brain function. Specific smoothies, especially those with avocados and nuts, provide the brain with healthy fats to support cell development. As a result, you can have a better memory and learn faster. It is the best breakfast or snack meal for you while working in the office or for your kids before they go to school.   

A healthy immune system is another benefit of consuming a smoothie every day. Fruits contain antioxidants that prevent cell damage, aiding a healthy immune system. Because of its rich content in antioxidants, it can help thwart free radicals and toxins which cause cancer and other serious diseases. 

2. Make A Fresh Fruit Salad

If you or your kids are not a fan of eating fruits in their original form, you can recreate them by combining them into a fresh fruit salad. There are many easy salad recipes where all you do is combine several fruits available in supermarkets near you. You have the option to add peanuts and lettuce and choose the perfect dressing to elevate the taste. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top, and you’re good to go. It can be a suitable meal replacement if you want to lose weight.  

3. Bake A Pizza With Fruit Toppings

Fruits are possible ingredients if you’re planning to bake a homemade pizza. Go through your usual pizza dough-making routine by rolling the dough mix. Choose the fruit toppings you want to add to your pizza. You can go for pineapple, apples, berries, and other sweet or sour flavors. 

It is one ideal way to attract your kids to increase their fruit intake if they love eating pizza but don’t eat fruits. After baking the pan pizza, top it off with the necessary fruits, and you can store them in the fridge until they’re best to serve. It is a great snack to serve to family and guests.  

4. Combine Fresh Fruits In Your Yogurt

If you’re tired of plain Greek yogurt and want to add more fruits to your diet, why not combine the two. Instead of devouring your favorite yogurt brand by itself, chop some fresh fruits and mix them into the yogurt jar. They can be a delicious snack option that could be even more perfect when frozen. 

Pick your favorite fruits and mix them with yogurt before freezing. You can also sprinkle some peanuts and chocolate chips on top. If you don’t want them entirely frozen, you can combine the mixture and store it in the fridge for a refreshing texture. When it’s cold enough and ready to eat, you can relinquish the taste of fresh fruits mixed with Greek yogurt

5. Prepare Frozen Fruit Popsicles

Instead of buying commercial dairy ice cream, which might be unhealthy, it’s best to recreate your homemade popsicle desserts instead. You can make a refreshing snack or dessert by blending fruit ingredients in a blender before pouring them into a mold. Enjoy a tasty and healthy popsicle by placing the mold in your freezer. There are many delicious and refreshing popsicle recipes that you can try as you incorporate some of your favorite fruit flavors. Feel free to add milk, chocolates, and other ingredients to elevate your popsicle dessert.

6. Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices

Juice is a favorite of everyone, and nothing beats the health benefits of freshly squeezed fruit juices. Many families opt for preparing fruit juices to encourage their children to consume more fruits. Because of their rich taste and authentic sweetness, your kids will love to guzzle them more than any pre-packaged fruit juices in supermarkets.  

Your family can get their daily dose of fiber requirement by preparing fresh juices daily. You don’t have to take up so much time while preparing this. You can use kitchen appliances like a juicer and blender and have the fresh juice in a few minutes.  

Juices made from fresh-squeezed fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of water, which is the best alternative to hydrate someone who’s not a fan of drinking water. However, it would still be best to consume pure water for hydration. In addition to carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from whole food sources, juice promotes energy production in the body. Staying hydrated includes producing energy, keeping your metabolism active, and maintaining healthy skin.  

7. Create Fruit Ice Cubes

Another trick to attract your family to consume more fruits is to create fruit ice cubes. These mimic the texture of regular ice and can be added to your favorite drink any time of the day. They’re a great way to consume fruits during warmer months.  

Slice up your favorite fruit and freeze it with water in an ice tray, or freeze the sliced fruits themselves. Aside from their rich taste and health benefits, they can also help create aesthetic beverages. It’s the perfect drink to serve your guests.  


While there are many tips for healthy eating, you can’t simply force your children to eat fruit. Don’t lose heart if your children or family don’t consume as much fruit as needed. With the ideas mentioned above, you can recreate the fun and exciting recipes by incorporating more fruit flavors into your daily diet. The key is to include fruits in all your meals and snacks as possible. You might just be surprised how some fruits you don’t like before can become your favorite now.




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