7 Healthy Alternatives to Popular Energy Drinks

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If you are looking for a way to stay awake during your daily routine, then it is critical for you to make sure you make healthy choices. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who turn to energy drinks. Energy drinks are often packed with calories, sugar, caffeine, and other substances that, when combined, could lead to serious health concerns. Therefore, it is critical to take a close look at some of the top alternatives. There are a few choices that everyone should keep in mind.

1. Mind FX

One of the top choices that people should consider is called MindFX. MindFX is a unique kind of proprietary supplement that is designed specifically for people that required increase mental focus and alertness throughout the day. Even though it might not be designed specifically for individuals who are going to have a physically demanding day, it can still be incredibly helpful for anyone who has a long shift coming up. That way, everyone will be able to stay on top of their game by remaining focused on what they must do without drinking a bunch of drinks that could lead to harmful side effects. With vitamins, herbs, organic ingredients, and other powerful supplements, this is designed to help people remain as alert as possible during the day.

2 Green Tea

When people think about you, they might be thinking about afternoon teatime. On the other hand, green tea is also a helpful alternative to traditional energy drinks. Tea does contain some caffeine, which can boost your energy, however, it also contains a variety of other substances that could prove helpful for your health. Green tea contains minerals and antioxidants that can provide you with a boost that you need to get you through your day. Furthermore, there are plenty of varieties of green tea out there, allow you to customize this drink to meet your unique preferences.

3. Protein

If you are trying to find a way to stay awake during your day, then think about stepping away from sugar and caffeine. Instead, reach for protein. Protein is incredibly important when it comes to stimulating the cells that you need to keep your body awake. Protein can also help your body burn more calories, which will release the energy that you need to get you through the course of your day. If you are looking for a nice source of protein, think about going with edamame, eggs, or even some pork.

4. Coffee

Even though coffee is commonly listed on drinks that people should be trying to avoid, coffee is still significantly better than traditional energy drinks when it is consumed in moderate amounts. Even though nobody should be drinking five or six cups of coffee during the day, particularly if it has caffeine in it, a cup or two during the day is fine. It is also possible for you to make smart choices with your coffee. For example, espresso may taste stronger than coffee; however, it also contains less caffeine than drip coffee. You can also make coffee healthier by avoiding added sugar. Be wary are the amount of caffeine in coffee; however, it can be a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks.

5. Carbs

One of the most important alternatives to traditional energy drinks, reaching for old-fashioned carbohydrates is still a fantastic choice. When you reach for complex carbohydrates, you should experience greater levels of alertness after you finish eating your meal. Try to avoid simple carbohydrates, such as sucrose which is commonly added to a variety of foods. Instead, reach for complex carbohydrates, such as pasta. If you have a choice ahead of you when it comes to lunch, then think about reaching for complex carbohydrates. That way, you will be able to keep your body awake without relying on caffeine, taurine, and other compounds that could lead to harmful side effects for your health. Stay awake with some carbs.

6. Fresh Juice

When it comes to energizing your body, caffeine is not the only option. It can also be helpful for you to drink fresh juice as well. If you are trying to make a delicious, tasty, healthy juice, then try to include some leafy greens in your juice mixture. Leafy greens contain vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, and iron. Furthermore, berries that are commonly found in fresh juice are also loaded with antioxidants. You can also add some citrus fruits such as bananas and kiwi to create a sweeter taste. Consider going with fresh juice instead of energy drinks. 

7. Take a Power Nap

Finally, if you are having trouble making it through your day, consider taking a power nap instead. A power nap is a great way for you to take a short break, how long your body to get the rest and rejuvenation that it needs. Of course, this might not always be an option for someone who is still at work; however, if you just got back from work and you still have a lot to do, think about laying down for 15 to 20 minutes. This will give your brain and your mind a chance to recharge before you complete everything else that you must do during your day. Do not hesitate to take a nap; however, be careful not to fall asleep for 8 hours, at this will mess up your sleep schedule. 

Invest in Healthier Alternatives to Energy Drinks

These are a few of the top choices that you should keep in mind if you are looking for a healthy alternative to typical energy drinks. Energy drinks contain a wide variety of compounds that could lead to serious health concerns when they are put together. Therefore, think about some of the other natural brain supplements and healthy alternatives on this list. That way, you will be able to stay awake during your daily routine without placing your health in harm’s way.




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