7 Tips to Ensure Your Home’s Safety for the Elderly

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The most common safety concern among the elderly is fall prevention. It’s significant among all age groups. However, it’s an essential concern among seniors. As we grow older, the bone structure will weaken when we’re in our senior years. It would be more susceptible to fractures and injuries.

Being at home entails feeling comfortable and safe since we’re familiar with our surroundings. But living independently as seniors, there is now a need to ensure one’s safety, especially when living alone. The information below covers valuable tips to prevent injuries and falls.

Hire home assistance

Even if we want to live independently, regardless of age, there are still things that we cannot do anymore. A senior’s body cannot move the way it used to; they have a hard time functioning as they did. There’s no harm in admitting that you, too, need help and assistance.

In fact, it’s the number one tip that can ensure your safety since you have a trusted person who can take care of your needs, like grooming, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking for you, etc. If you’re situated in Australia, then you may want to consider White Oak Home Care Assistance Perth for your needs. White Oak has numerous packages, services, and programs that you can choose from.

Avoid clutter

Ensure that every path you take is clear. You can move the furniture to ensure that the floor is rid of obstacles and clutter. The types of clutter may include electrical cords, books, bags, shoes, and anything that may cause you to trip.

Check the rugs or carpets

Do you have rugs in your home or carpets? Either way, you should check if the flooring is slippery or not. It would be best to remove rugs entirely since it may cause your slippering.

Although, if you want it to remain in your home, be sure to utilize double-sided tapes meant for rugs and carpets if so, especially around the edges. Hire a professional if you want to get this done since a senior may find trouble in doing this.

Ensure proper lighting

Is your senior home not well-lit? Then consider utilizing lamps and having other additional lights installed. You can even hire a professional to change the light bulbs in your home to a brighter tone.

Additionally, if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night, having glow-in-the-dark switches and sound-activated lights is also extremely helpful. You can even place night lights in the hallways, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Grab bars and railings are your best friend!

Install it in the staircases and the bathroom! The purpose of grab bars and railings is to support your weight. Thus, you must ensure that the railings in the staircase are durable and secure. Install it on both sides of the stairs to hold it both. You can even double the safety by placing reflective or colored tape at the top of each step to make it easier for you to see and step.

Grab bars are perfect in the bathroom to ensure your weight so that you won’t slip and fall. You can install them near the toilet, along with the shower or bathtub as well. To double your safety in the bathroom, you may place non-slip adhesive strips and rubber mats on the tub or the shower floor.

Ensure easy access to phones

Purchase a cordless phone that you can reach easily in the bedroom, living area, and kitchen. You may even carry a mobile phone with you. Having easy access to a telephone ensures that you can quickly call the emergency numbers when there’s an emergency.

Save emergency numbers, your doctor’s office, and your nearest family member. To double down on your safety, you can use a device that will immediately call for help if you can’t use your phone(s).

Install an innovative home security system

As you know, installing a home security system can make any house safer. However, it has additional benefits in the case of an elderly homeowner. Having an intelligent security system makes it easy for a senior to check everything is locked and that every light is turned off without going down the stairs. It’s because this system can control the lighting and door locks.

Additionally, there are doorbell cameras installed so that you won’t need to open the door to check who’s outside. It is vital to protect oneself from ill-mannered strangers. Finally, there are door and window sensors and outdoor cameras to ensure peace of mind for the elderly. Rest assured that with the help of this system, you can live peacefully in your home and lessen the possible dangers.

In Conclusion

Indeed, staying at home as an older adult is extremely comfortable since it is your home. However, as people age, mobility and response time pose a problem, especially when you’re living alone. A minor safety hazard at home can become much more significant. Thus, ensure that you follow the tips mentioned above to ensure a comfortable and safe home.




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