8 Energy muscle recovery drinks that you must try today

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Some of us indulge in working out, running, walking, or any other physical activity; therefore, it puts stress on our muscles and causes soreness. 

Muscle soreness is a common symptom discerned in physically active people and is even perceived amongst those who do not indulge in this aspect regularly. Thus, you need not worry, as soreness is something that everyone experiences. To know more about it, let’s scrutinize it thoroughly. 


When we execute any physical activity, our body tends to comprehend certain movements and as the body indulges in movements, so does the muscle, which contracts and relaxes, causing tensity. 

Thus, when such a phenomenon occurs, roots minuscule damage in the muscle fiber and thus causes soreness. However, new recovered muscles are built when this damage transpires, and therefore, soreness can be the genesis of muscle building. Let’s see how long does this healthy soreness last. 


Soreness usually lasts for 1 to 2 days or 3 to 5 days, depending on the intensity of the training. Light workouts or consistent workouts may leave the soreness for about 1-2 days. On the other hand, heavy workouts, progressive overloads, or working out or performing physical activity for the first time leads to soreness for 3 to 5 days.

And thus, in order to assuage the impact of the soreness, several such remedies can be availed. To know more, read further.


Several such refreshing and rejuvenating beverages can be consumed after a workout or any other physical activity that can reduce muscle soreness later in the future; these beverages are namely;


Watermelon juice is considered the best post-workout drink that one can consume, especially among athletes. According to the ACS` Journal, Agriculture and Food Chemistry, it validates watermelon’s results to the amino acid, which is considered the building block to protein, and L- citrulline, a naturally occurring amino acid found notably in watermelons. 

Watermelon’s juice has the potential of increasing muscle development or muscle protein, and its antioxidants have the capability of escalating athletic performance, stated by Encarna Aguayo and colleagues cite past research.

 Hence, this was tested with an experiment that included watermelon juice, watermelon juice enhanced with L-citrulline, and any other common drink. The research and studies show that natural watermelon juice and L-citrulline enriched watermelon juice are considered the best post-workout drinks for muscle recovery. Hence, when life gives you, watermelons consume it. Thus, if you are not fond of watermelons, no worries, there are several such muscle recovery drinks that we are going to see further. 


Beetroot is considered as the super fruit and is one of the best post-workout drinks as it boosts one’s performance and improves blood flow and oxygen flow in the exhausted muscle. That’s not it; they are rich in calcium, iron, and potassium that keep the body healthy and help maintain the body’s nutrition balance. 

According to the study conducted in Northumbria University in England, stated that beetroot juice contains nitric acid that fastens muscle recovery, which was shown with the help of a case study wherein they gathered a few people and offered them beet juice after their workouts, one group with 250ml, another group with 125ml and the third group with placebo and was detected that the group who consumed 250 ml of beet juice recovered rapidly as compared to the others. Thus, beetroots are one of the best post-workout drinks. Hence, beat the heat of the workout with some fresh beet juice.


Pomegranate juice is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium, along with other vital nutrients. It is also said that the consumption of one pomegranate gives about 28mg of vitamin C, which fulfills nearly half of the requirement in a day. 

Machin et al. (2021) study show that quaffing pomegranate juice at least once or twice a day strengthens muscle recovery even after a tedious workout session. 

Thus, pomegranate acts like a grenade for muscle recovery. 


Tart cherry juice is enriched with several nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, Manganese, potassium and is considered exceptional for enhancing recovery. As per the study, Oregon health and institute shows that athletes who consumed this juice saw comparatively faster recovery and reduced inflammation. Hence, tart cherry juice is also one of the best alternative post-recuperation drinks. Thus, consume tart cherry to make your recovery merry. 


Tomato juice is said to have higher levels of vitamin B, vitamin C, and many other nutrients; it is considered a premier source of antioxidants, namely; lycopene which reduces the chances of heart disease and inflammation. 

Following the study of the daily mail, tomato juice was thus, served to about nine athletes, out of which six of them were offered energy drinks. These athletes who consumed tomato juice were said to have faster recovery than the regular energy drink. Thus, opt for tomato juice for resulting proof. 


Milk or any milk product such as yogurt, whey, ghee, etc., is considered rich in several aspects such as calcium, vitamin A and B12, protein, riboflavin, and is considered one of the best remedies for bones and muscle recovery. 

According to the Medline and Wed of science Database, about 7780 articles and 11 studies were conducted that were hinged on cow milk, which all ensued in showing the pragmatic results favoring muscle growth and recovery. As it is certainly stated that milk products contain a fair amount of protein, the product with the highest protein distinction is whey with a considerable amount of protein. When our muscle fibers are damaged, protein synthesis is an important aspect that helps them recover, and subsequently, milk products are on the go for muscle recovery. 


 Need a sudden energy surge before and after your workouts? Then coffee is your mate; coffee consists of glycogen that fuels muscle recovery and is considered to work as a miracle when consumed with carbs; both act as the source of energy and avert you from exhaustion. 

Coffee helps in acting upon various nutrients but especially protein, and increases glucose levels after exercise. It is also demonstrated that it showcases positive results when it comes to the metabolism of glucose and muscle glycogen and hence, confirms faster muscular recovery, especially in athletes. 


Green tea is induced with a pack of antioxidants that mainly favors healing the muscles and inflammation caused due to high-intensity workouts; other than that, it also tranquilizes the body and is considered a calming agent. It comprises amino acid that helps the body mitigate the soreness and heal the body. 

According to the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, green tea is a marvelous recovery drink that works wonders when repairing muscle fibers and is also commending to increasing endurance. Thus, utilize green tea to set your muscles pain-free. 

After that, these are the eight muscle recovery drinks that one can get their hands on; other than these recovery drinks, there are several different ways through which one can enhance muscle building and palliate, which is as follow; 


Once you are done with your workout, be it light or intense, stretching is a paramount process that can be carried out. By this means it relaxes the tensed muscles and aids the process of repairing.


Massaging is one of the facets that can again magnify muscle recovery. It is said that lactic acid tends to build up after working out, and hence to eliminate that process massaging can help. Massaging usually releases toxins from the muscles and helps with recovery. 


A prescribed muscle relaxer can also be used for loosening up the muscles and freeing them from soreness. Muscle relaxers such as cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril), Robaxin, Soma, etc. can be utilized for muscle relaxing. And to get appropriate information related to muscle relaxing medication, you can also refer to Painosoma, a complete guide to muscle relaxing meds.

Thus, these are several ways through which one can retrieve their muscle from soreness and pain. Muscle pain also implies hard work and hustle; therefore, don’t let your muscle pain go in vain and use the above-mentioned remedies to break through it.




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