8 Natural Remedies to Overcome Anxiety

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For some, anxiety is a normal part of our lives, a consequence of living in an often chaotic world. Do you believe that anxiety is intrinsically bad? Well, you will be surprised to know that anxiety to an extent is actually good—it warns you of dangers, motivates you to stay organised and helps you realise that your 6th-sense is working alright.

However, if anxiety is your constant struggle in daily life, that is a warning sign. It takes a mere moment for your anxieties to take a nasty turn and take the form of depression. Before it acts and becomes the reason for your quality of life to decrease, check out this amazing list of 8 natural remedies to combat anxiety— 

1. Stay Active

Exercising regularly has many therapeutic benefits. It does not only target the fitness of your body but it also keeps a check on your emotional well-being. Choosing an active lifestyle works akin to being on medication, just so much better. Exercising is not a short term fix for your anxiety pangs, regular fitness regimen will surely help you calm your anxieties from its root cause.

2. Meditate. Relax. Repeat

There is mostly a tussle in people’s hearts about meditation, somehow discarding it as a cult practice or something you begin with once you cross your 50s. Truth be told, the main goal of meditation is to calm your chaotic thoughts and bring you to the present moment. Often people are living either in their past or thinking about the future, where the ‘NOW’ or present becomes bleak. Meditation not only helps to combat anxiety, but it also helps to regulate sleep, help you with your negative thought process and creates positive energy within you. As per many studies, meditation has been scientifically proven to help people maintain a stress-free and anxiety-free life.

3. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to ensure good health and well-being. The oils are either inhaled directly or infused in a bath, or used as a diffuser. As per the studies, aromatherapy helps you relax and induces sleep, improves your mood, normalises heart rate and blood pressure. Bodytonic Clinic is a great option to go for an amazing aromatherapy experience today.

4. Quit Smoking

Have you ever questioned yourself; “Why am I smoking?”, from peer influence to it being a divergence from feeling pressure of any sort—smoking seems to have become an integral part of people’s lifestyle. While you would reach for a smoke in a stressful moment to let the anxiousness settle down, remember, it will make it worse over time. As per the research, nicotine and other chemicals in cigarette smoke alter the pathway in the brain which is linked to triggering anxiety.

5. No to Caffeine

If you are someone with chronic anxiety, caffeine is not for you. Caffeine is an anxiety stimulant and might lead to an increase in nervousness and feeling the jitters. It may also cause panic attacks for people who have panic disorders. In some people, eliminating caffeine might show strike improvement in anxiety symptoms.

6. Sleep

Anxiety is a known enemy of sleep, however, you must not let anxiety win over your sleep cycle. Here is a list of a few basic things you need to do for a good, anxiety-less night sleep— 

—  Sleep only at night when you’re feeling exhausted and tired.

—  Do not read or watch television while in bed.

—  Do not use your phone, laptop or tablet while in bed.

—  It is advisable to avoid caffeine, large meals and nicotine before sleep.

—  It is better if you keep your room dark and cool before bedtime.

—  Let your worries flow on a piece of paper before you sleep. Flush it or burn it, believing that your worries are now gone with that piece of paper.

—  If you try to go to bed at the same time each night, it will help improve your sleep cycle.

7. Therapeutic Chamomile Tea

Unable to calm down your frayed nerves? Try chamomile tea and it will surely help you find some balance. As per a study conducted in 2009, it was found out that chamomile can act as a loyal ally against general anxiety.

8. No to Alcohol

A glass of wine sounds so perfect when you’re feeling off or not your usual self. Occasionally treating yourself to the wine along with good food is amazing, yes. However, if you’re gulping down wine or any other alcohol product to relieve your nerves, remember it is just a temporary fix. Also, anxiety will come back double in its power and haunt you even more. It is so important for you to understand that anxiety can only be dealt with when you find ways to deal with it in its root. Also, dealing with anxiety with alcohol might lead to alcohol dependence.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety is not a monster if you do not let it overpower you in your being. Feeling anxious now and then is normal, it is a repercussion of being in a digitally-sound-emotionally-unsound world. Don’t let it become a pattern for you and take professional help at the first warning sign. You can start to better yourself if you accept that there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.




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