8 Natural Solutions For Healthy Feet

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Feet are something that many of us don’t give a second thought. We don’t think about how much our feet do for us every hour of the day, from the importance of grounding us when we walk outside to getting us from A to B no matter where we’re going, all the way to impacting our overall health and comfort. Like many things in life, especially concerning health, we take them for granted until there is a problem. The good news is that if you start giving your feet a little TLC today, you can stave off health issues for decades to come. Additionally, tending to your feet’s appearance is great for your self-image and confidence. Let’s explore some natural solutions to common foot issues and ways to keep our dogs from barking.

Stylish Support

Many people (women especially) damage their feet in their younger years by wearing shoes that provide zero support. Do yourself a favor and no matter your age, or your fashion style, make sure your shoes are supportive. From your wedges, heels, sandals, or boots, you want to focus on investing in shoes that provide support for your entire footbed. If you insist on buying a pair of shoes that don’t provide the support you need, make sure you’re putting at minimum a supportive insert into your shoe.

Soaking Your Feet

Not only is self-care a buzzword these days, but it’s also something we should prioritize for our mental and physical health. The benefits of soaking in Epsom salt are well known for its pain-relieving benefits, but it does much more than that! The magnesium in the salts is great for detoxing your feet, relieving cramping, and upping your body’s magnesium levels. Soaking your feet in a nice Epsom bath can also help your feet specifically with issues from splinters that are difficult to release, curing Athlete’s Foot, and even easing the pain of gout! Lastly, an Epsom soak for your feet is a great precursor to a pedicure through softening the skin and making your nails easier to trim. 

Lemon Rinse

Do you deal with unwanted foot odors? Sure, you may be diligent about wearing socks when your feet are sweating and washing your feet in the bath each night, but sometimes you need a little more zest to keep your feet fresh. One of the best and fastest ways to keep your feet smelling fresh is as natural as it comes – lemons! To banish even the toughest foot odor, simply rub a lemon vigorously over your feet after a bath; no need to rinse! This is especially beneficial after a day when you’ve been sweating a lot. 

All-Natural Scrubs

One of the most unsightly issues with feet, especially in the spring and summer when you want to wear sandals and flip flops, is dry calloused heels or dry skin anywhere else on your feet. Don’t worry! The cure is in the cupboard. You can make an easy and all-natural foot scrub to deal with those calluses with sugar and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Make sure that after you scrub those heel calluses off, you use a nice moisturizer on your feet to lock in the hydration. Keep things simple with a coconut oil moisturizer and a pair of socks while your feet absorb all that healthy hydration!

If The Shoe Fits…

Another critical aspect of maintaining healthy feet is to make sure you’re wearing shoes that fit. As mentioned earlier, you want to only invest in supportive footwear, but size also matters. It’s tempting to buy a shoe half a size too small because it’s on sale, or maybe the style of shoe runs narrow, and you feel like you can’t live without it. The truth is, you need to pass on any shoe that doesn’t fit you comfortably. Bunions and blisters can be seriously painful if they get too bad, so avoid them at all costs with the correct shoe fit. 

Oatmeal Soaks

Soaking your feet in oatmeal is a great way to calm inflammation and restore balance to the microbiome on your feet. That’s right, you’ve got a lot of flora and fauna to balance on your whole body, and your feet are no exception. Oatmeal soaking in a foot bath is a great way to soften rough skin and help with foot woes like Athlete’s Foot. 

Powerful Pineapple 

If you suffer from calluses, you know how debilitating they can be. In fact, some people suffer so much with such awful calluses that they resort to doctors or dermatologists for help. Pineapple is a miraculous superfruit for a lot of health woes. The bromelain in pineapple is some potent stuff. To get stubborn calluses off easily, secure a slice of pineapple to the callus before going to bed at night. You’ll be amazed the next morning at how the callous can be easily removed; it may even fall off while you’re sleeping! Talk about beauty rest!

Forget Fungal Infections 

Fungal infections in your toenails or anywhere else on your feet are unsightly for sure – but more than that, they can be painfully itchy! When you feel the itch coming on or notice fungal issues while clipping your toenails, it’s time to use the powerful Exodermin. You can also use ACV, also known as Apple Cider Vinegar. You’ll want to make a fungal-busting and relaxing ACV foot bath. Just take two parts warm water and one part ACV in a tub. Soak your feet for about fifteen to twenty minutes. While this may not get rid of the infection after one soak (for many, it does), it will significantly reduce symptoms. Repeat this soak daily until your fungal infection is gone. 

Taking care of your feet may not be something you give much thought to until it’s too late, but if you implement some of the above-mentioned routines into your daily self-care practices, you’ll be on your way to picture-perfect feet in no time. You can save a ton of money you normally spend on salon pedicures if you invest about ten minutes into your feet a few nights a week. Here’s to healthy feet the natural way!




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