8 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career in Nursing

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A career in nursing is something that some people consider a vocation – something that they have always known they wanted to do. But people who see working in this field as a calling are not the only people who go on to become nursing professionals and have rewarding and often lucrative careers in the field of healthcare.

If you are trying to decide on a first career or even looking for a career change right now, then nursing is well worth thinking about as an option. Here are just eight of the reasons why it could be a good choice:

1. It is Easier Than Ever to Fit Studying to be a Nurse Around Your Life

Some people are surprised to learn that nursing is one of the fields that has seen the biggest shift towards online study in the past decade or two. Studying online to become a nurse, or to further your career with specialisms once you are a working nursing professional, makes it a career path that is far more accessible than it used to be, especially for people who don’t want to relocate to go to college or who want to study part-time to fit it around work or family life.

There are lots of highly regarded universities and nursing schools that now offer programs that can be done completely online, or with just a few occasions when students need to attend in person throughout the program, depending on the nature of the course. A good example is Carson-Newman University, which offers a good selection of nursing degree courses and specialist qualifications. You can check out the courses they have available for the nursing path you are interested in to get an idea of what you might expect from choosing an online program.

2. Health Workers and Nurses are More Valued than Ever

The worldwide coronavirus epidemic that has been causing huge effects around the world since early 2020 has definitely had an impact on how people view healthcare workers. While many people had their lives changed, either temporarily or forever, by the pandemic, it was the healthcare workers all over the world who were the most relied upon to help people who fell victim to the illness, and people from all different fields of medicine and healthcare were pulled away from their normal work to add more assistance during the crisis.

This made it a very difficult year for people who were working as nurses, but it also definitely raised the public’s perception of just how valuable the people in these essential roles are. If you like the idea of being able to make a real difference in situations like the ones we saw in 2020, then nursing could give you a chance to do that.

3. All Kinds of Interesting Specialisms to Choose From

Nursing has so many different branches that once you have begun your career, you can choose from all kinds of specialisms. Whether you have a certain type of people you’d most like to work with, for instance specializing in working with children or babies, women, or elderly people, or there is a certain field you find particularly interesting from a medical point of view and would like to be involved with, there are routes you can go down to ensure you find yourself in a role you find interesting and where you can get the personal satisfaction you want from your work.

4. Be in Demand Wherever You Want to Live and Work

Nurses and other healthcare workers are one of the few jobs that are needed literally everywhere. If you like the idea of working in another country, then this can be an option that is open to you, and you should also have no problems finding work should you want to relocate around the country. You can work in a big city, or in a rural area, or you can just see where life takes you, knowing that you should never have an issue finding a demand for your skills.

5. Make a Difference to People’s Lives

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people choose nursing is that it is a job where you work directly with people and can have a very important and positive impact on their lives. This can be the case in just about every nursing discipline, which can make the hard work very satisfying.

6. Nursing is a Future-Proof Profession

While advances in medical technology and medicine itself are happening all of the time, the personal aspect and human side of nursing is something that will always be needed. This means that if you are looking to start a career where you know for sure that there will still be a requirement for what you do in thirty years, then nursing does give you that assurance.

7. Some Specialisms Are Highly Paid

While not all nurses are in highly paid jobs, due to the diverse nature of nursing work and the advanced specialisms that you can get involved in, a career in nursing can become very lucrative in the long term. Many specialist areas of nursing have average salaries in the six figures.

8. Choose the Environment You Want to Work in

While you may imagine nursing as meaning working in a busy hospital and doing strange shifts, there are all kinds of nursing roles and different environments and working patterns you can have. If you want to work regular working hours, then you can work in places like private clinics that don’t have patients on site 24 hours a day. Nurses are also needed on-site in places you may not expect, everywhere from sports stadiums to cruise ships!

These are just eight of the most compelling reasons why you might want to think about getting on the path to becoming a nurse. If you are becoming interested, then why not look into some of the online study programs available that could allow you to get started?




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