A Guide to Choose the Right PEMF Machine

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As a simple and effective way to stimulate the body at a cellular level, pulsed magnetic fields (PEMF) machines are gaining massive popularity among health enthusiasts. Also, they are known for their amazing healing and body-boosting functions.

Every PEMF machine in the market comes with a lot of customization and functionality, although it relies heavily on health-promoting electromagnetic fields. This article considers a huge variety of PEMF machines reviewed by the top advisors to give you a better idea to pick the right one for your specific requirements.

Do Your Research

The most important factor to consider is that one PEMF device cannot satisfy every need. Hence, manufacturers bring forth their designs and specifications, which makes their product unique. When looking to invest in this device, ensure that you do your homework properly by scouring the internet for authorized and dependable information.

Also, beware of biased marketing that misleads through unfair product comparisons. Often a dealer or seller would not do proper assessments but create a table comparing systems with pre-determined units that give undue advantage to the product they represent.

Actual Characteristics and Needs

Before buying a PEMF device, you must ask yourself several questions so that it becomes easier to narrow down your options. Here, they are:

  • Do you have a sedentary life, or are you into sports and fitness?
  • Do you have temporary pain in any specific part of your body?
  • How much do you wish to spend on this machine?

Accordingly, check the PEMF machines reviewed by the experts to know your top options. Remember, some devices are ideal if you just want to maintain a general state of wellbeing. But if you are suffering from chronic diseases and conditions, you may need different stimulations than therapies performed on your body.

If you want a device for your entire family, you may have to buy one with a range of programs, intensities, and frequencies to meet every need.

Understand The Technical Characteristics

The technical characteristics of a PEMF machine are clear indications of the device’s functionality. Understanding these characteristics beforehand can help adapt the device to your health conditions and needs. Important parameters to consider are:

1. Intensity

Depending on the condition and the body’s part, intensity values are more important than other parameters. The therapy will be effective regardless of whether the electromagnetic energy is low, medium, or high.

For example, for treating areas of the body where the skin is thick, you would need electromagnetic energy of higher intensity. The same principle can apply in the case of plasters, braces, and fractures.

2. Frequency

Although the healing principle is the same for a different range of frequencies, the change of frequency can profoundly affect other parts of the body.

For example, low-frequency PEMF therapy applies a magnetic field with a        medium-high intensity at low frequencies. This is perfect for the treatment of hard tissues and delayed bone union. It is also particularly advised for treating pain and restoring the functional balance of cells.

However, high-frequency PEMF therapy emitting small packets of high-frequency radio waves at low intensity is suited for treating conditions affecting soft tissues such as muscles and tendons.

3. Applicators

From all the PEMF machines available in the market, as the distance from the patient skin increases, the magnetic field’s intensity reduces. Here, the ideal situation is contact between the patient’s skin and the emitting source.

Comfort and suitability for a variety of treatments is one vital factor that differentiates modern PEMF applicators from those in the past. The wearability of the applicator must be such that once put on; it must firmly attach to the part to be treated without causing discomfort or pain to the patient.

4. Polarity

Certain PEMF devices tend to switch the direction of magnetic pulses for improved effects. This is referred to as polarity. Although there is no evidence that this functionality may help improve outcomes, it may be an add-on that is worth considering when making a decision.

5. Customizable Programs 

Most devices come with customizable programs that can be tailored as per your treatment needs and preferences. Hence, know whether you can adjust the frequency and intensity combinations to match your specific needs depending on how your body responds. This can help you maximize desirable outcomes with an option to speed up or slow down controls for comprehensive therapeutic effects.

 Pre And After-Sales Support

Even though pre and after-sales support are not related to the device’s quality, this is one of the main “human” factors that should help you pick the right PEMF machine.

Try contacting the manufacturer for more information. Specify your clinical conditions and ask for advice regarding the best device to choose from their range.

And for after-sales support, ask the retailer to clearly explain the procedure for providing technical assistance in the case of breakdowns or failures.

Invest in a Renowned Brand

Finally, ensure that the PEMF device is manufactured by a well-established brand that has been in the healthcare business for some time. While new competitors provide an innovative line of products, make sure to check the authenticity of the brand, and its customer assistance, in case you need access to spares, support, and accessories in the future.

A great way to assess whether the PEMF device conforms to high-quality and safety standards is to ensure whether the device bears the CE marking. Most medical devices contain this marking to assure user safety.

Buying a suitable PEMF device can significantly improve your and your family’s overall health. However, due to so many options in the market, choosing the right one for your individual needs can seem to be overwhelming. That’s where the guidelines mentioned in this article can significantly help you buy the most suitable PEMF machine for you and your loved ones.

An effective way to make an informed decision on the right choice of PEMF machine is to explore the PEMF machines reviewed by trusted medical experts in the field. This way, you can assess the efficacy of different brands before narrowing down on the right product for your medical use.




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